Camping Workout

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Hey everyone! How’s your summer going? Fabulous I hope! If you’ve followed the blog for a while, you probably know that every summer we do a lot of camping.  I posted this workout a couple weeks back and wanted a place for it on the blog, so here it is! My husband and I did this workout on one of our summer vacations at the lake. It can be hard to stick to exercising when on vacation, so we really liked this workout as all you needed was a picnic table! This workout could easily be done at your favorite local park. Just find a park bench and get to work 🙂

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I did this workout a couple times within the week, we also did a run one day. I’m not a fan of running, but it was actually pretty awesome, and we had this amazing view along the way! We just made sure to workout in the morning before it got too hot.

Next time you’re in the great outdoors and want to get in a quick and effective workout, I hope you give it a try! We completed it in 32 minutes!

1000 Rep Camping Workout

{Warm-up} Sprints up hill5 times
100Jumping Jacks
100Bench Step Ups - use picnic table
100Bench Push Ups - use picnic table
100 Bench Tricep Dips - use picnic table
100Jumping Lunges
100Mountain Climbers
100Squat Jumps
Finisher of 200 arm circles100 in each direction
Plank for 2 minutes2 times