This is a super easy recipe!  I make it at home, and its also a recipe I make when we go camping!  I only need to bring a couple of spices, a few veggies and its awesome to go with burgers and hot dogs as well!  Quite often, I also omit the meat and make it vegetarian, its just as delicious!  If you omit the meat, I would just add a few more mushrooms.

This makes a big pot full of chili!

Easy Chili

Approx 10 servings

5 strips turkey bacon, chopped
2 lean beef burgers, broken up (I used Kirkland brand ones)
2 green bell peppers, diced large
1 14oz can red kidney beans, drained & rinsed
1 14oz can navy beans, drained & rinsed
1 14oz can stewed tomatoes
1 large onion, diced large
2.5 cups sliced mushrooms
1/4 c low carb ketchup
1/4 c mustard
4-5 Tbsp chili powder or to taste, I use a lot
3-4 Tbsp Worcestershire
2 Tbsp dried dill weed
Pepper to taste

I warn you, there is a bit of guess work with the seasonings. I don’t use measuring spoons, I tend to eyeball when making chili!

If you bring a slow cooker, you could also put everything in that and cook on low for 5-6 hours.

All you need is one big pot. First, heat up the pot on a portable stove or even on the fire on a rack. Spray the pot with cooking spray. First add the meat and brown, add onions and cook through. Then add all the spices and worcestershire. Once it softens a bit and the spices cook out for a minute, add all the liquids (beans, stewed tomatoes, ketchup, mustard). Allow to simmer for 25 minutes or longer. I have the lid on for a bit, then remove the lid so the veggies don’t get too soggy.

Nutrition per serving (approx 1 cup)
Cals: 196 Fat: 5g Carbs: 26g Sugar: 5g Fibre: 8.3g Sodium: 510mg Protein: 12.3g

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