Favorite Find: Healthier Toaster Waffles

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Happy Wednesday!  Well, actually, if you looked outside my house right now, its not all that happy.  We recently got our first dump of snow for the year.  Its crazy windy out today, so with windchill its probably close to -15!  Its rare that it gets this cold here.  Certainly makes me want to stay home in front of the fire and TV all day!  But, Sienna has preschool, already didn’t go Monday due to the weather, and I’ve been slacking with workouts this week, so I really need to get one in today if I want to get in 3 workouts before the weekend is up.

This week’s “Favorite Find” is something not-so-new.  I had them years ago, but picked some up again lately.

Mesa Sunrise ‘Gluten Free’ Frozen Waffles

As easy as Eggo’s.  Just pop them in the toaster.  I had 2 this morning topped with a touch of organic butter and a smidgen of maple syrup.  Alongside my 6 scrambled egg whites.  I love the corn flavor of them, kind of reminds me of a crispy cornbread! Yum!

Of course, having oatmeal and other grains for breakfast (whole foods) are a better choice, but sometimes I get bored, and this is a good switch up once in a while! The ingredients are also MUCH better than Eggo’s!

Ingredients: Water, organic corn flour, organic potato starch, organic expeller pressed soybean oil, organic evaporated cane juice, organic flax seed, organic buckwheat flour, leavening (sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodium bicarbonate, monocalcium phosphate), organic potato flour, non-GMO soy lecithin, organic amaranth seed, organic quinoa seed, sea salt.

Nutrition (per 2 waffles):

I’m already a big fan of their Mesa Corn Cereal….

I don’t even eat it as cereal most of the time, I use it to coat chicken for Faux Fried Chicken Strips!

Nature’s Path makes a BUNCH of other types of waffles if these aren’t your thing.  The Flax Plus ones would be a great choice if you don’t need the gluten-free, as they have 5 g of fiber per serving.

You should be able to find these products at a health food store, natural health section of your grocery store, Whole Foods, Trader Joes etc.

QUESTION! Have you tried any of the Nature’s Path stuff? If so, what?

See you tomorrow with a new recipe! 🙂