Favorite Find: Natural Makeup Remover!

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Wow, talk about the week flying by! Already Wednesday! I’m all recovered from my little girls 3rd birthday party on Sunday. I will have a full re-cap on Friday! We also put our house on the market (again!), to hopefully move closer to Vancouver (we’re 1.5 hours out of the city). More on that on Friday too!

Ok, so this week’s “Favorite Find” was a dark horse as I like to call it! I didn’t have super high expectations of the product, but I totally fell in LOVE with it!

Here’s The Scoop:

I was sent a few samples of the Kaia Naturals Bamboo Cleansing Cloths.

I’ve tried many commercial brands of cleansing cloths before. Ones from MAC, and a couple from the drug store. I never bought them regularly, as I’m typically a face wash gal. But I always think about getting them for travel, and to have around the house. I loved that these were natural, as I haven’t seen anything on the market like them. My only concern was that it contained essential oils. While I know they are great, I have oily skin, so I was nervous these would have a greasy feel to them. You know when you go to the spa …and how your skin feels after? (greasy!) That’s what I was envisioning!

Happy to report that I was WRONG! They were fabulous!!!! Totally exceeded my expectations!!!! I even put them to the true test and used them after a photo shoot where I had an large amount of makeup on, and eyelash glue! It got everything off with 1 wipe!!! These are GREAT for busy women, moms who some days don’t have the time to take a shower (been there!), and for after the gym. It felt more like a face treatment than a wipe!

It took off the makeup effortlessly, and the smell….divine!!! Its this light fruity scent that I fell in love with! Afterwards, my skin felt amazing! Hydrated, but not greasy at all! I will for sure be picking these up to use for traveling, and to have on hand to do a quick face wash during the day when I don’t wear makeup.

What’s even more impressive is….

The Ingredient List:

Go to their site HERE to see the full ingredient list on their website. Sometimes I must admit, even though I love natural products, sometimes they don’t perform as well as conventional products. But that’s definitely not the case with Kaia!

Busy But Healthy™ Approved! Two Thumbs Up!

Where to Buy?

From what I can see, this product you’ll find at certain health food stores. They do have a Store Locator on their website, so you can find somewhere near you that carries them!

See you Friday!