Favorite Find: Peeled Snacks

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Mid-week already! Its been a busy one for me. I’m still getting caught up from being on vacation, and end-of the month is always busy normally.  Sienna was back at preschool this week, and also started gymnastics again, and swimming as well.  Have something going on everyday.  Girl has a busier social life than I do!  She’s 3!

Speaking of kids, I’m always on the lookout for healthy snacks that I can give the kidlet.  When you’re out and about, it isn’t always practical to pack fruit like strawberries, apples etc. Juice runs down their face and they are left messy and sticky.

I don’t like just giving her crackers all the time, and lets be real….in the car, they make a crazy mess. I think I have about 5 whole grain fishy crackers mashed into my floor-mat in the back seat of my truck!

That’s why I was happy to have discovered Peel Snacks a while back…at Starbucks!

Have you seen them at Starbucks?  Now that I mention it, you probably have.

At the Expo I attended recently, I had a chance to try a whole bunch more of them.  I had no idea they had such a variety of flavors!

At their booth, I tried a bunch more, and they all were delicious.  They are different from dried fruit.  They are freeze-dried, so they are crunchy and crispy.  The don’t contain any added sugars, oils or sulfites.

Their newest flavor, I’m all over, as I LOVE anything tropical.

I also had a chance to try some of the fruit & nut varieties.

I don’t normally give Sienna dried fruit except for raisins every once in a while, but she’s really into the freeze dried fruit, and I like that they don’t add anything to it.

They have a great FAQ on their site if you want to know more.

Where to Buy?

As mentioned, they have a few types at Starbucks, and you can also order online, and they are sold in some stores as well. Check their Store Locator.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Have you ever tried Peeled Snack, or freeze dried fruit?  How do you like it?

See you tomorrow with another new recipe!