Favorite Find: Tiesta Tea & Contest!

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Greetings all!  Since you all know about my tea obsession, I’m really excited to report on a new find and also a contest!

I’ve only recently got into the loose leaf teas in the past 6 months.  I was introduced to Davids Tea and fell in love with it.  So when I came across another delicious-looking loose leaf tea at a trade show, I was all over it.

But have you ever tried Tiesta Tea?

They noticed I love tea, so they were kind enough to send me some fuller-size samples so I could test them out!

I must say, they are giving my David’s Tea a run for their money!  I also love how they have the different categories, like Energizer, Immunity, Relaxer, Slenderizer and Forever Young.

I was so quick to dive into them, then I remembered to take a pic shortly after!  They really are SO DELICIOUS!

Here’s a breakdown of how they all tasted:

The Creme au Chocolate –  Really has a rich chocolate flavor considering its a tea.  It has cocoa kernals and tiny pieces of chocolate chips in it!

Red Rose Rooibos – a great citrus-y tea with orange and lemon bits

Palm Beach Punch – This one is my fave, as I tend to lean towards the really fruity teas.  It has a strong flavor of berries.  A combo of blackberry, apple, and a bit of lemon grass and tangerine.  Kind of reminds me of a sangria!!!

Fruity Pebbles – Tropical paradise!  Bits of papaya, pineapple & strawberry in a green tea base.

* With all the tea’s, I’d use my loose leaf metal ball to brew the tea.

Where to Buy?

If you want some right now, visit “Where to Buy” on the Tiesta Tea website to find out where to get it.  Its a newer company, so they are primarily available online.


So the people at Tiesta Tea were kind enough to offer up some free product to 3 readers in US/Canada.  Each person will receive a full sized tin (like 2 of the above) in all the flavors I’ve listed!!!!  Pretty cool huh!

Note: Please enter by leaving a blog comment and by also using the widget below.  You will not be entered otherwise!  You can enter more than once using Twitter and doing all the actions as suggested in the Rafflecopter widget.

I used this new widget on the last contest, and the feedback I got was good and its easy to use.  The more actions you do, the more entries you’ll receive!!!

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Good Luck!!!