Full Body Blast Circuit Workout – Week 1

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You might be able to tell that I really don’t like doing the same workouts for long. I switch up my routine quite frequently (every few months).  When I try something new and it works for me, I like sharing it! 🙂

Typically, I’d do weight workouts that involve a split (ie. Legs, Back/Chest, Shoulders/Abs, Biceps/Triceps). While split workouts are great to exhaust a specific muscle group, like anything, your body gets used to it after a while, so its good to try something different. Its also not the best option if you’re working out 3-4 days a week as you might end up missing certain body parts.

There are many reasons why I like these circuit style workouts, but the main reason being that these are fun to do with a partner or small group.

There are many ways you can do these workouts, so here are my top suggestions:

– If you workout with a partner, do every exercise together side-by-side. If you are limited with available equipment at your gym or for a particular exercise, just modify for something else that might not require equipment at all (eg. burpees), or something with dumbbells, or simply alternate with each other.

– If you are doing the workouts in a small group of 3 or 4, grab all the equipment you’d need to do each series, and take turns in a circle, then switch to the next exercise. Similar to what it would be like doing stations.

– If you’re in a group of 3, do the first 3 exercises in a circuit-style so every person has a station. Then for the 4th exercise in the series, do it all together at the same time.

– If you do them by yourself, you could do 3 sets of each exercise before moving onto the next, or you could do 1 set of each exercise in the series, then repeat that 3 times.

I’m planning on posting around 6-8 weeks worth of this style workout.  So here we go with Week 1!

* I’ve included links to video’s for some of the exercises.

Full Body Blast Circuit Workout < Week 1 >

Full Body Blast Circuit Workout_Week 1


1) Kettlebell swings (20 reps), dumbbell curls (20 reps), squats with plate (20 reps), plank (1 min)
3 sets

2) Seated rows (20 reps), mountain climbers (50 reps), front raise to side (15 reps), hamstring curls with ball (30 reps)
3 sets

3) 2 minute treadmill sprint (8+ mph), then walk on incline for 1 min (4.5 mph at incline 8)
3 sets

4) Alternating dumbbell lunges (20 reps), bench hopovers (20 reps), bench tricep dips (20 reps), flat bench dumbbell flies (20 reps)
3 sets


1) Decline crunches (25 reps), jump crouch down to floor (20 reps), walkouts (10 reps), jump squats (20 reps)
3 sets

2) Palms in shoulder press (20 reps), dumbbell kickbacks both arms (20 reps), stiff legged deadlifts (20 reps), leg extensions (20 reps)
3 sets

3) Stairmaster level 18 for 90 seconds, then level 10 for 1 minute
3 sets

4) Dumbbell reverse flies – standing (15 reps), dumbbell hammer curls (20 reps), split squats (20 reps), curtsy lunges (20 reps)
3 sets


1) Leg presses (30 reps), wide grip curls (20 reps), walking lunges (20 reps), toe touches (30 reps)
3 sets

2) Pull ups (20 reps), dips (15 reps), shoulder presses (20 reps), squat jacks (30 reps)
3 sets

3) Skipping (1 minute), TRX pull ins (20 reps), pumping lunges (20 per leg), romanian deadlifts (12 per leg)
3 sets

4) Machine bench presses (20 reps), hip extensions (12 per leg), pushups (20 reps), jump lunges (20 reps)
3 sets


1)  Decline bicycle crunches (20 reps), front raises with steering wheel turns at top (15 reps), rocket jumps (20 reps), plie squats with weight (20 reps)
3 sets

2) Bench or box jumps (20 reps), skull crushers (20 reps), leg raises with reverse crunch (20 reps), burpees (10 reps)
3 sets

3) Treadmill Intervals. 2 min at 8+ mph,  1 min walk at 4 mph on incline
3 sets

4) Rope face pulls (20 reps), jumping jacks (30 reps), tricep pushdowns (20 reps), bicep rope curls
3 sets

Friday – 1000 rep workout

100 reps of each exercise. Do all the reps in each exercise before moving onto the next.  Do as many reps as you can before taking a break. I try to do about 25 reps before taking a short rest and finishing the rest.

1) 100 curtsy lunges with dumbbells (50 per leg)
2) 100 jump lunges
3) 100 standing, palms in dumbbell press
4) 100 rope curls
5) 100 leg extensions – machine
6) 100 pushups (drop to your knees if you have to)
7) 100 lying leg curls
8) 100 bench dips (feet on ground – easier, feet on other bench – more difficult)
9) 100 arnold presses
10) 100 seated rows

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, and I recommend consulting with yours before starting on a new exercise program 🙂 Be safe, and have fun!