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Hope you are staying well and safe during these quarantine times. Hard to believe that a couple months ago, we had no idea what was in store. While its be difficult getting used to this new normal and there has been so much loss associated with what’s happening, its really taught us to slow down and be grateful for the little things.

Many of you are practicing more self-care during this time, so I thought it would be great to post the giveaway I was planning.  I don’t know about you, but since I’m home, I’ve been wearing make up a lot less and have been focusing on my skin a bit more. I had the chance to start using the Dermatologist’s Choice Ultra Anti Aging Cream a couple months ago and I’m happy with the progress! Most notably, I’ve noticed its started to even out my skin tone!  I’m looking forward to even more results with helping fine lines lessen (and disappear!)

The main ingredient in this really great anti-aging cream is glycolic acid, which is a proven anti-aging ingredient. I’ve used products that contain glycolic acid, but not one like this where its the primary ingredient.

But here’s the thing: not all glycolic acid is made equal. You may have seen products advertising 10% pure glycolic acid. But if you read the ingredient list closely, you’ll probably see some neutralizing chemicals. Just like neutralized AHA’s, neutralized glycolic works in the same way, in that…. it doesn’t. Neutralized glycolic cancels out the full benefits that glycolic is supposed to bring to the skin: glowy and clear complexion and reduced fine lines and acne.

Fans of non-neutralized glycolic have reviewed that you can’t feel the “tingle” when applying these neutralized glycolic products.

Why is the tingle important? The tingle is caused by the small glycolic acid molecules entering your pores.

More Info:

1. DermChoice’s flagship product, the Ultra Anti-Aging Cream with 15% non-neutralized glycolic acid.

  • Formulated by Dermatologist Dr. B to provide a mild chemical peel in your home.
  • Non-neutralized glycolic acid penetrates deep into the second layer of skin activating the cell turnover process, reducing skin pigmentation, acne, and fine lines.
  • Most see brighter, clearer looking skin after one use.
  • Increases collagen production in the skin.
  • Hydrate + treat with shea butter + glycolic, making it the ideal day or night cream.
  • No parabens and No fragrance. Certified Cruelty Free and Dermatologist Tested.

2. Why a 10% pure glycolic product will likely do nothing to improve your skin.

Reviews have come out that products with “pure” glycolic acid doesn’t tingle, which means the glycolic is neutralized.
If you want to get the benefits of glycolic acid, it needs to work (duh). And you’ll know it’s working by the tingle.
No tingle at 10% or higher means neutralized, and neutralized glycolic acid is about the same pH as water. Skin needs more than water to improve texture and reduce fine lines and acne. Neutralized glycolic molecules have lost their ability to enter the pores and activate cell renewal and collagen production.

Bottom line – the tingle means it is working. Dr. B has 40 years of dermatology experience performing chemical peels which use real non-neutralized glycolic and other AHA’s. It is clear when you are using a non-neutralized glycolic because skin will react immediately with a tingle.

3. Not all glycolic is made equal.

Neutralization simply happens when the glycolic is mixed with chemicals. Neutralization happens during either manufacturing or application. In some cases, the manufacturer neutralizes the glycolic before it even goes into the bottle. Other times, the esthetician will neutralize it before applying to a client’s skin. Either way, the result is the same – consumers receive an ineffective product.

Neutralized glycolic molecules have lost their ability to enter the pores and activate cell renewal and collagen production.

Dermatologist’s Choice does not neutralize its glycolic acid formulations and thus delivers real results for brighter and clearer skin.

Quick background on Dr. Bottiglione and Dermatologist’s Choice: Dr. B is an Arizona Board-Certified Dermatologist with 40 years of experience. He retains a specialization in MOHS Skin Cancer Surgery and has received the Best Dermatologist Award in the Payson, AZ community. He runs 3 successful practices in the Phoenix metro area. Dr. B founded Dermatologist’s Choice in 1981 in order to provide his patients with real clear results.

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