Grain Free Blueberry Protein Pancake

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Brent (they hubby) and I are going grain free for a bit.  Its just for fun, a trial, we were curious to see how we felt.  I think its also great to put more focus back on veggies and fruit instead of grains.  I wouldn’t call it Paleo, as we’re not being strict (and whey is considered dairy, which is a no no to some on Paleo)

My usual protein pancake is the Basic Protein Pancake, but this is a yummy grain free version.  Would be great for celiacs that can’t do oats too.


Grain-Free Blueberry Protein Pancake

Makes 1 large pancake

1 scoop vanilla whey protein *See NOTE
1 Tbsp coconut flour *See NOTE
4 egg whites
2 Tbsp unsweetened almond milk (Almond Breeze)
Dash cinnamon
Handful of blueberries (I used fresh, could also use frozen).  Or could use whatever berry or fruit you like!

NOTES: Bobs Red Mill makes coconut flour.  You should be able to find it at your local health food store.  A little goes a long way.  Its a staple in grain-free baking.

Choose a low carb, low sugar whey protein. In this recipe I used BSN Lean Dessert in Whipped Vanilla.

Preheat a medium sized skillet on medium heat (not HIGH heat).  In a small bowl mix everything together with a fork (except blueberries) until smooth.  Add in berries last, then mix.  Spray pan with cooking spray and pour batter into a pan and make into a thin pancake.  Cook for a couple minutes until brown on one side, then flip.

Optional: Serve with 1-2 Tbsp no sugar added syrup

Nutrition (per entire pancake)

Calories: 251    Fat: 3.6g   Carbs: 16.4g   Fibre: 6.7g  Sugars: 5.2g  Protein: 38g

Net Carbs: 9.7g