How I Kick Evening Cravings

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Happy Monday!  I’ve been a bad blogger lately.  I’ve been in vacation mode!  We’ve gone camping 2 weekends in a row, and had little to no access to my laptop.  Hope your all enjoying summer and sun!

For today’s News, Facts & Fitness Monday, I wanted to talk about a few things that help me kick late night cravings!  A while back, on the Facebook Page, I asked for suggestions on blog topics, and this was one of them!

The evening (or after dinner) cravings, have got to be the TOUGHEST habits to break.  How easy is it to cuddle up to your favorite snack, whether it be ice cream, chips, chocolate, or all the above!  Many people, when they start a new healthy eating plan, they find this is the hardest habit to break, myself included!  But on a positive note, if you usually pack in the most of your calories later at night, adjusting this will give you the best results!

You may have heard certain myth’s out ther.  Ie. eating after 6:00pm (or 7 or 8, whatever) is bad when your trying to lose weight/fat, or both.  That is a total misconception!  I got the biggest fat loss results by having a snack before bedtime (that included both protein, fat and little to no sugar).

There is absolutely no need to restrict food after dinnertime (well unless you had too big of portion, or didn’t make a healthy choice).  Here are some snack idea’s that fill that need to “snack” but without adding a bunch of excess calories.

1) Drinking Tea

After dinner, I always boil up some water for herbal tea, in summer or winter….doesn’t matter.  It keeps your hands busy, so your less likely to snack on junk food.

2) Chocolate Lovers – Healthy Hot Chocolate

If I’m really craving chocolate, this always does the trick.  1 cup boiling water, 1/2 cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze, 1-2 packets stevia, 1 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder.  Stir & enjoy!

3) Salty/Sweet Snack – Nuts

This is a great idea from Damy Health.  Take some almonds, coat them in a couple tablespoons of water, and dust with your favorite protein powder.  I also use a bit of sea salt to give it the salty/sweet flavor.

4) Crunchy Snack – Popcorn

For the times I want popcorn, these recipes are so good.

Guilt Free Chocolate Peanut Butter Popcorn

Makes 1 serving

5 cups air popped popcorn
1/2 Tbsp coconut oil, melted (could also use butter or margarine)
1/2 Tbsp PB2 – powdered peanut butter (could also use regular peanut butter, nutrition will change)
1/2 Tbsp cocoa powder, unsweetened
1 packet Krisda stevia
Pinch salt

If you don’t have an air popcorn popper, use the microwave.  This is what I do!  Take plain kernels (1/4 cup) and place in a brown paper lunch bag.  Fold over the top and microwave for 2-3 minutes or until you hear a second between pops.  In a seperate small bowl, melt coconut oil.  Then add PB2, cocoa, stevia and mix.  Pour over popcorn and toss.  Add a bit of salt over top if necessary.

Nutrition (entire recipe)
Cals: 230  Fat: 9.4g  Carbs: 33g  Fibre: 7.5g  Sugars: 0.3g Protein: 6.6g

Protein Packed Popcorn

Makes 1 serving

4 cups air popped popcorn
1/2 Tbsp coconut oil, melted
1 scoop protein powder.  I like Whey Gourmet Chocolate or Chocolate Peanut Butter

If you don’t have an air popcorn popper, use the microwave. Take plain kernels (3 Tbsp – 1/4 cup) and place in a brown paper lunch bag.  Fold over the top and microwave for 2-3 minutes or until you hear a second between pops.  Set popcorn aside.  Melt coconut oil in microwave.  Pour coconut oil over popcorn and sprinkle popcorn with protein powder.

Nutrition (entire recipe)
Cals: 300  Fat: 10g  Carbs: 28g  Fibre: 5g  Sugars: 1g Protein: 26g

5) Sweet Dessert Idea

1 Minute Apple Crisp

Serves 1

1/2 apple chopped (I used granny smith)
Sprinkle of cinnamon
1 packet of stevia
1 1/2 Tbsp quick oats
1 tsp brown sugar (or splenda brown sugar, or sucanat, or raw brown sugar)
1 Tbsp raisins, cut into smaller pieces
1 tsp coconut oil (or non-hydrogenated margarine or butter)

First chop apple into small pieces and put in small bowl. Toss with packet of stevia and cinnamon. Meanwhile, melt coconut oil in microwave for about 20 seconds, then add brown sugar, oats, raisins and stir to combine. Top the chopped apples with the crumble topping.  Microwave for 1 minute on high.

Optional: Top with greek yogurt sweetened with stevia & vanilla.

Nutrition (per entire recipe)
Calories 123  Fat 4.7 g Carbs: 20 g Fiber 2.6 g Sugars 4.8 g Protein 1.1 g

6) Creamy Snacks

Some ideas to fix the Ice Cream cravings….

  • Greek Yogurt mixed with stevia & berries
  • Protein Ice Cream (2 scoops your favorite protein powder, 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond breeze)  Pour into ice cream maker according to package directions.  Could add a couple of your favorite add ins.  1 tsp chocolate chips, 1 Tbsp chopped raw nuts.

7) Chocolate Fixes

Low Carb Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie

This is my typical go-to evening snack!  This snack is great if your in fat loss mode as its low in carbs.

protein brownie.JPG

1 scoop Whey Gourmet Peanut Butter Chocolate Whey Protein (or Whey Gourmet Milk Chocolate)
1 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
¼ cup water
1 tsp natural peanut butter (could also use PB2)

Note: I’ve tried this recipe with numerous protein powder brands. Specifically for this, the Whey Gourmet brand works the best.

In a small microwave safe bowl, mix together protein powder and cocoa powder. Add in ¼ cup warm water and stir until blended. Should be pudding-like. Microwave for 30 seconds, or until the outside starts to puff up (you’ll have to keep a close eye on it), and the centre is still a gooey, pudding like centre. Don’t overcook it or it will be hard and DRY!! Then top with peanut butter. Enjoy!

Nutrition (entire recipe)
Calories: 165 Fat: 5.6 g Carbs: 4 g Fibre: 2.3 g Sugar: 1 g Protein: 24 g

Guilt Free Fudge

If you love fudge, this is a must try.  I adapted this recipe from Alyson’s at Nourished Fitness

protein fudge [1024x768].JPG

1 scoop Whey Gourmet Peanut Butter Chocolate Protein Powder (or their Dreamy Chocolate would be awesome too)
1 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder
1/2 Tbsp of coconut oil (for a light tasting Coconut Fudge) or 1/2 Tbsp natural peanut butter (for a PB Fudge)
2 tsp chopped walnuts
2 Tbsp unsweetened vanilla almond breeze (or low fat milk)

In a small bowl, mix together the protein powder, cocoa powder, melted coconut oil or pb (melt in microwave).  Stir until blended.  Add in almond milk and stir until combined.  Add in chopped walnuts.  Freeze until set (about 30 minutes).  Will be hard once it comes out of the freezer, but it thaws quickly.  Enjoy!

Nutrition (entire recipe)
Cals: 225  Fat: 12g  Carbs: 5.7g  Fibre: 1.8g  Sugars: 1.2g  Protein: 25.6g

So I hope these ideas help you kick your evening cravings and create some healthier habits!