How To Get Your Healthy Muffins Not To Stick

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healthy muffins not to stick

If you bake healthy muffins regularly, you might also notice that they tend to stick like crazy. So I wanted to offer a few tips on how to get your healthy muffins not to stick.

From my experience, paper liners are the worst. I had to use them the other day as that’s all that I had, and let me tell you the disappointment I had when half of my beautiful muffins stuck to the liners when I tried to take off the wrapper. Unless your batter is super greasy, the muffin will almost always stick to a paper liner.

I’ve tried about every method out there for non-sticking ability. I’ve yet to try the parchment liners. But I imagine they still might not be totally non-stick.

What’s Your Best Bet?

A great choice is silicone muffin liners

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silicone baking 2_e


or a silicone muffin pan

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silicone baking 1


I have some silicone liners and use them quite often. But there are positives and negatives to this too. While they slip out quite easily, there is still a mess afterwards and you have to scrub out the muffin crumbs from the silicone liners.

Same goes for a non-stick pan. They’re pretty good for a while, but over time, the non-stick goes away, and you’re still left scrubbing it out.

(from Amazon)baking tin

My favorite method are these baking cups from Reynolds. The following might sound like an advertisement, but this is totally my honest opinion! I am in no way affiliated or is this post sponsored by Reynolds. I just happen to like these baking cups. A lot.

I discovered them a few years ago. I believe that’s when they first came out. I found them at my local chain grocery store. In the baking section with the other liners. They’re called StayBrite. Aside from coming in all these funky patterns, they are truly non-stick. I have no idea what the secret is, but they seems to have a non-stick foil inside.  I love that I don’t have to clean my muffin tin after (aside from a little cooked batter on the top), and the muffins slide right out of these baking liners!


Although they are more expensive than regular paper liners, I will gladly pay the extra money. As far as I’m concerned, I save money on coconut oil spray, and well, less frustration, which definitely has its price too!

So there you go! Some non-stick options to make your healthy muffins and cupcake baking a little bit easier!

I’d love to hear what you use, and what your favorite muffin tools are. Leave a comment below!