June Calendar & Baked Chicken Fingers!

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I couldn’t be more happy its Friday!  The last couple weeks have been so crazy, especially with Brent being gone last week.  I didn’t relax at all.  When he’s here I’m forced to relax at night for a couple hours, which is great, because otherwise, I’d just work!  I wish I had the life of Sienna—I sneaked a picture of her relaxing on the couch…
So June is going to be a fun month!  Tomorrow we have a kids 2nd birthday party (my friends son).  Sienna hasn’t seen him in a while!  Hopefully Sunday we can just hang out as a family, perhaps go out for lunch.  Oh how things change, now we hit up the family restaurants!  I must admit, Red Robin has a pretty good salad…

With the dressing on the side (using a couple Tbsp at most) and easy on the cheese & candied walnuts, its a pretty good restaurant choice!  At least they put a lot of chicken on it…some places really skimp on it.

I’ve been cooking more since Brent’s been back.  Last night I did baked chicken fingers with Mesa Sunrise cereal (by Nature’s Path) its gluten free and low sugar.  GREAT coating for chicken.  Dunked raw chicken in egg whites first, then in crushed cereal (added garlic powder and pepper).  Cooked at 375 degrees for 10 min per side. 
Here it is again today with some carrot slaw.  Dressed the slaw with a low cal peanut sauce, scallions & chopped peanuts! A bit of honey mustard dressing on the side (a natural one). Can’t have chicken fingers without SOME sort of dip….in my book anyway! 😉

Next weekend I have a Sex & the City Extravaganza with girlfriends!!  First to a girlfriends house for some healthy eats, then off to see the movie.  Gotta look at least a little fabulous!

According to this QUIZ about “Which Sex and the City Character Are You…”

I’m Carrie!

You are Carrie. You know what you want out of a relationship and you’re not afraid to keep moving until you get it. Wit and charm are your biggest turn-ons, and you like guys who appreciate you for your mind as much as your body. You have fun playing the dating game, but secretly you just can’t wait to find the guy who sweeps you off your feet and carries you into the sunset.

Definitely agree, although I have a few of Samantha’s tendencies too 😉

Also next weekend I have a get together with my TEAM ENERGY girls…some of the girls I competed with.  I’m bringing chicken skewers with a healthy sweet and sour sauce.  I will post the recipe later next week! 

The UFC is in Vancouver next Saturday too so Brent is all over that, and very excited.

Then next Sunday we’re going to a local Children’s Festival.  I’m sure Sienna with love it!  Face painting, pony rides, music etc.

Needless to say, I’ll have PLENTY of pictures after next weekend!

p.s.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed I’ve been changing around the colors of the blog.  Before it was a bright green and different grey.  Now its the darker grey and purple.  Starting to choose all the colors now for the show website and facebook pages.  Any input is appreciated!

Let me know your results if you take the SATC quiz!

xo Kristine