My favorite shampoo of the moment!

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Happy Friday!

Today’s post is another on beauty products!!!!

So I like to regularly test out shampoo’s as I have a sensitive scalp.  Some just tend to make my scalp itchy.  So in the last couple years I’ve tried a bunch of different natural shampoo’s.  The problem I found is that the conditioners didn’t work very well….they didn’t condition enough so my hair was left feeling dry and tangled.

Lately, I’ve been using L’Oreal’s line of Sulphate Free shampoo and I absoutely love them!  Not a bad price either!  I find it tough to pay the salon prices of shampoo, especially if I don’t see a difference in my hair (or scalp).  Don’t get my wrong, I use a few professional products and LOVE them, but I just happen to love this shampoo/conditioner right now!

The conditioner is AMAZING!  My hair is left feeling fully conditioned and soft.
None of the products seem to irritate my scalp either.  They smell great too!  Some of the natural ones don’t have the best scent.
What is your favorite shampoo of the moment???
xo Kristine