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July 9, 2015

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I haven’t done a video (and giveaway) in a while, so I wanted to take a minute to show you this handy kitchen product. I’m all about safety, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ruined manicures, grated my knuckles and had some pretty close calls with sharp knives. I had a chance to try the NoCry cut resistant gloves and they are easy to use, and very protective against sharp blades, and also allow you to get a good grip on the food and can prevent some serious injuries.

Watch the video here for a quick demo. Sorry for the poor quality, did a quick camera video.

So as mentioned in the video, they are machine washable (hang to dry), and are great at preventing cuts with kitchen equipment. I’ve used mine a lot so far and not one thread is out of place. I’ve used it a lot for grating, and once I even put a carrot in the glove (not my hand!) and sawed at it a bit and still not a mark!

*BUT REMEMBER* These aren’t meant for using with heavy duty power tools…ok?! 😉

cut resistant gloves nocry

Where to Buy

Don’t want to wait for the contest or want to get some for a gift? These gloves are available at the NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves website. They are under $15.00, and its a great price for a really great quality product. There is a sizing guide there too on which size to order…Small, Medium or Large.


NoCry was nice enough to offer a giveaway to my readers!  3 of you will win a free pair of gloves and this contest is open to WORLDWIDE!


For a bonus entry and for a chance to win 2 pairs of gloves instead of one, sign up to receive the NoCry kitchen safety newsletter.

If you have troubles there, go to their webpage to sign up for the newsletter: . You can find the signup box in the website footer.

Please use the rafflecopter widget below to enter the contest. It will run for 1 week. Good luck and happy cooking!


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nocry gloves

*Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by NoCry, but my experience and thoughts are my own.

  • Missy Taylor

    I almost cut my pinky off cutting carrots once. So scary!

  • 1froglegs

    I have had cuts, but nothing serious enough to require stitches.

  • DJohnson

    I haven’t, but my husband has. These would be great for him. He’s the cook in our household.

  • Riss Wynings

    I had a job selling extremely sharp knives, and I also work in a deli. I’ve had many accidents, only one serious one. Still have all my fingers!

  • Erin Ellis

    Yes I have. I cut my finger while slicing veggies.

  • Danielle

    i dont cook… so no cuts for me! (I have a cheffy husband) Rc name is vunda vall

  • Deanna Hollman

    No serious cuts but some close calls

  • Vera K

    Yes I have. I sliced my palm washing dishes. There was a knife in the sink! I went to the emergency room. 🙁

  • Krista Miller

    Thank goodness, no! Burns yes, serious cuts- no. But I do think about it every time I’m cutting things like big watermelons, etc where I don’t have as good control as usual.

  • emily__lynn

    I’ve never had a cut, but these would be really useful when using the mandoline.

  • Lynn

    I have never had a serious cut in the kitchen. However, my husband who loves to cook also has cut his fingers with the mandolin.and had to go to ER as it was bleeding a lot.

    • Kristine Fretwell

      Ouch! Yah those mandolin’s are sharp!

  • Erin L

    I’ve had a close brush with the grater… literally. Not fun. But the worst was the broken pyrex gash I got on my leg while taking the trash out… These gloves would be awesome in the kitchen!

    • Kristine Fretwell

      I hear ya! That darn grater!

  • Alison Veldkamp

    I’ve never had a serious cut, but it is one of my biggest fears! I specifically avoid using the grater and make my husband do it for me.. Hahaha!

    • Kristine Fretwell

      Haha well now you can grate with the glove if you get them 🙂

  • Krystle

    Thankfully I have never had a serious cut in the kitchen but I have sliced and nicked myself a few times. These gloves would be great for me as I have been progressively following a clean diet and incorporating more whole unprocessed foods into my meals, which means more chopping, grating, peeling, and dicing !! I would love to win a pair of these gloves to help me continue my clean lifestyle and reach my goal of competing in a fitness competition in the near future!!

    • Kristine Fretwell

      Awesome! I’m sure they’d help you a bunch! Nice work on sticking with the lifestyle!!!!

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