Operation Lean Out: Week 1, Millet & Exclusive Recipes

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Hey BBH People!  Hope you had a fan-tab-ulous week!  I’m in a great mood today because Brent and I have our romantic Valentine’s Day evening tonight!  Sienna is off to the grandparents for the night!  I’ll post the details next week since Brent doesn’t know, and I don’t want to ruin the surprise!

In other news, I came up with 2 more AMAZING high protein muffin/bread recipes this week! 

Mini Chocolate Chip Banana Loaves (with added protein!) 1 entire loaf is just under 200 cals!!!!

mini chocolate chip banana loaves.JPG

Cranberry Orange High Protein Muffins

cranberry orange.JPGI haven’t posted the recipes yet, but I will be posting one of them in the new BBH Recipe Club Email Newsletter, so if you haven’t joined up yet, get on it!  Sign up here.  Its only a once a month newsletter, so don’t worry about getting bothered by daily or weekly emails.


In other food news, have you tried millet before?  Its a gluten free grain, I like it because it has a nutty flavor.  Sometimes its good to switch it up from oatmeal, ya know?  You can also grind up millet into flour, and when you use it, I find it gives recipes a cornbread-like texture!

Here’s the big batch I did!

millet (2).JPG

…served up with some unsweetened almond milk!

millet [1024x768].JPG

Interesting Dinner

I had a lot of prepped food in the fridge this week, so we did a lot more assembly type meals.  I had some butternut squash sitting on my counter for a while, so wanted to do something with it!  Rather than baking it, I just punched a bunch of fork holes in it, and microwaved it for 15 minutes.

squash chicken spinach.JPGOnce it was cooked, I cut it in half, scooped out the seeds and stuffed it with spinach, pre-cooked sliced chicken breast, and drizzled it all with my favorite honey mustard dressing!  SO GOOD!!!

Sienna’s Picture of the Week

Helping me in the kitchen!   She’s also trying to keep her cheddar bunnies away from Roxie (who is super stealth!)

sienna kitchen.JPG

Operation Lean Out: Week 1

Week 1 has been great so far!  Really kicked up the workouts.  Back to doing 5 days a week.  3 day weight split and alternating with cardio.  I am sore!  Last Friday, I did a visit to a new Naturopath.  Still have some issues with bloating.  Now I’m on a new supplement regime, and also cut out a few suspect foods —-> tomatoes, soy & peanuts (along with wheat/dairy which I already avoid).  I’m feeling so much better and you will not believe that my abs have dropped 1.5 inches this week!!!!!  That was all from bloating!  My abs are coming back!  Yeah baby!  Next week I’ll have a full update with all measurements to show my 2-week progress.

Valentine’s Day?

I’m interested to hear what your Valentine’s Day plans are!  Do you celebrate it, or think of it as just another day?

Talk to you on Monday, where I’ll show you all “What’s In My Gymbag!”