Summer Fun!

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Hope you all had a great week!  Can you believe its almost September?  I’m sad. 🙁  Well for 2 reasons.  The fun summer vacations and weekends will stop.  Two, cause my little one will be starting pre-school.  While I know she’ll love it, its still hard for me, cause in 2 years, I’ll be sending her off to kindergarten!  I’m sure it will be here before I know it.

I was looking through my photo’s from this summer and realize I neglected to post pictures from our last camping trip.  It was a beautiful spot just outside Boston Bar in the interior of BC.  It was right on this lake called Blue Lake.  We had never been there before, but really liked the spot.  We camped there for a few days.

We did this hike.  We thought it would be a short hike, considering our 3 year old would probably get tired quickly.  Well it ended up being closer to 45 minutes!  There were parts that it was steep, but at the top, there was this beautiful view!!!


I had to get close to the edge of the cliff to take it, but I took the risk.  I’m not-so-good with heights!!

Next was a family photo!

Sienna rode on Daddy’s shoulders about 3/4 the way up, and all the way down.  It was a great workout for Brent! Ha!

MacGregor was pretty pooped (but happy)!

Same goes for Roxie…

This weekend, we’re heading to a Fair in town called the PNE.  It has rides, shows, and a lot of it is walking around and seeing all the interesting things they are frying up.  I definitely won’t be trying fried butter (ick).  Although, the idea of a deep fried Mars bars has me a bit curious!  I’ll be sure to post pics of our adventures!  We’re also going to some waterslides!

Then, the September long weekend, we’ve got one more camping trip planned.  We’ve done way more camping this year than any other year.  We’re loving it though, its really relaxing to be “unplugged” for a few days!

See ya on Monday!