Wakeup Call – Eat MORE to LOSE

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Happy Monday!  Hope you had a great weekend!  As I mentioned on Friday, I wanted to post an update of my BodyMedia (like a BodyBugg) while I had a chance to play with it over the weekend.  If you’ve never heard of a BodyMedia or BodyBugg, its an armband that tracks how many calories you burn in a day (even when sleeping).  Its very useful if you keep track of the calories you consume and are looking to lose weight, maintain or just get more active.  Its also a pedometer as well.BodyMedia-FIT-Weight-Management-Solution-Armband.jpgAs you know from my Operation Lean Out, I’ve been trying to just lose a few pounds into spring for some events coming up.  While my results have been ok, they weren’t at where I thought they should be.  Especially eating at 1600 calories, which I thought was a reasonable number.

Here’s what I discovered.  On an average workout day (which is 5 days a week), I’m burning close to 2500 calories!!!  On a non-workout day, closer to 2000 calories.  Eating at 1500/1600 calories is WAY under what my needs should be.  That could be perhaps I wasn’t getting the results I expected.  I hear all the time from people that they go on a very healthy eating plan and exercising, but still aren’t losing weight.

Could it be perhaps they are making the same mistakes that I have been?  Eating WAY less than their needs so its haulting progress.  Our bodies are smarter than we give them credit for!  If we’re taking in too little, its going to hold on to all our stored bodyfat.  This could be a big factor in why diets don’t work.  People go on severe restriction all week, then as soon as the weekend hits, some serious overeating happens, which undoes the entire week, then on Monday you are back at square one.  But if we were eating closer to our activity and bodies needs, it makes sense that it would eliminate a lot of this…agreed?  I think so. Cravings start to disappear, workouts at the gym are more effective and energy throughout the day is increased.  We want our bodies to work ‘with’ us, not ‘against’ us, right?!

Here’s a screenshot of what my ‘activity’ looks like on a workout day…..


bodymedia mar 17.JPG


So as you can see, its pretty much flatlined until 5am (when I woke up). I went to spinning class, and that lasted from 5:45am and finished just before 7am. Then throughout the day there are spikes here and there when I was going from walking to sitting and doing things like picking up Sienna. She’s 26lbs so I guess carting her around burns some cals!

Its amazing that even if your doing ‘moderate’ activity how much that burns. Cleaning house, doing laundry, etc. It all counts!

Now that I’m not feeling so in the dark with what my needs are, I’m going to be adjusting my calories accordingly. Closer to the 2000 calorie mark. Must say, I will welcome the extra food!

Question: Do you think you have been, or are guilty of eating too little for your needs?

Till Wednesday!

xo Kristine