What I Ate Wednesday #14

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Its been a couple week lull with my “What I Ate Wednesday” posts with the holidays, so its nice to get back in the routine. I’m sure most of you are feeling like myself, and glad that you’re getting back into your healthy eating routine. Thankfully I didn’t fall off too badly. I tried to keep treats to the minimum, while still enjoying my favorites.  I did end up throwing some out, just to get rid of the temptation.

My workouts were still consistent, there were a couple weeks where I maybe did 4 days instead of my usual 5, so I think that also kept me in check weight-wise, as I don’t feel like I gained anything…clothes still feel the same 😉 I don’t weigh myself on a scale at all, so I wouldn’t know…nor does it really matter. If everything fits the same, its all good!

I’m excited for 2014!  Happy to be starting another great year and seeing what’s in store!


Can’t say I was too creative with breakfast this morning. A couple eggs mixed with egg whites, and a slice of gluten free toast with butter, and a leftover Banana Chocolate Chip Protein Pancake. On the pancake I added a bit of sugar free maple syrup (from Nature’s Hollow)

what i ate wednesday jan 8_breakfast

One change I’d like to make to my breakfast, is adding in more veggies to them. I like to, my excuse is that I’m usually just lazy and don’t have a lot of time. I’ve got kale in the freezer, so I’m going to start adding that in more often. It takes all of an extra 30 seconds.

Snack (Post-Workout)

After my gym session (1o min cardio, followed by bicep/tricep training), it was time for a snack. I always like to have a homemade protein bar. Its a really great balance of protein, carbs, fat and simple sugar (from the raisins and chocolate chips). Consuming sugar directly after a workout is the most beneficial in that your muscles will actually use the sugar in muscle recovery. Example of an article that discusses it.

what i ate wednesday jan 8_snack


Even though the protein bar was huge, I was still ready for lunch a couple hours later. I had some pre-made chicken strips in the fridge. Super easy! Here’s how you make them:

So along with my chicken strips, I made a dipping sauce which was just 1 Tbsp cranberry sauce mixed with 1 Tbsp sweet chili sauce. I didn’t have any pre-cooked veggies on hand, so I just settled for some baby carrots and snap peas.
what i ate wednesday jan 8_lunch
After my daughter came home from school, we had a playdate with friends, so I didn’t have a before dinner snack. I just had a chai tea latte made with soy milk. Usually in the late afternoon, I like to have a protein shake, or a protein shake and some almonds…depends how hungry I am.


My hubby doesn’t cook dinner often (like…never!) so tonight was a little treat! He made a quick tofu stir fry. I made the sauce that went in it. It was my orange/ginger/garlic sauce that’s the same recipe as my Easy Salmon Glaze.

what i ate wednesday jan 8_dinner

It was tofu, carrot, snap peas, broccoli and green and white string beans. Not the fanciest, but it did the trick for tonight.

After Dinner Snack

I’ll be having a snack in a bit, as dinner wasn’t super filling, so I’m going to have some non-fat greek yogurt, mix in some stevia drops and top with granola or Puffins. Speaking of Puffins, glad to hear some of you are slightly obsessed with them as I am! 😉

That’s all for now…see you soon with another new recipe!