What I Ate Wednesday #15

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Happy Wednesday! Hope you’re all having a great week so far. I still feel a little bit out of sorts getting back into routine after Christmas. I still find myself forgetting which day it is. That could, however, also be related to my early wake up times lately. For some reason the littlest has been waking before 5:00am. So usually by around this time I’m ready for bed. I know soooo many of you can relate, so I hope you all get to have a relaxing evening 🙂

“What I Ate Wednesday” is a chance for me to give you a peek into what a day in the life of my eating is like. No 2 days are really the same, and I love it that way. While I eat a lot of the same things each week (eg. homemade protein bars), I always like to come up with new combinations so I don’t get bored, and like anyone, sometimes if I really like something, I might want it everyday until I get sick of it, and move on to something else. I find as long as I’m having new things and enjoy what I’m eating, I stay on track and don’t really get cravings.


Out of all my meals, breakfast is probably the most redundant.  I’d say about 90% of the time, I like to have eggs. I mix a couple eggs with about 1/2 cup liquid egg whites. Today I added in some frozen kale. I shared a hefty portion to my 1 year old (5 year old won’t eat eggs, except in the form of protein pancakes).


Along with my eggs, I had a couple of gluten free waffles. On one I put butter and sugar free maple syrup (Nature’s Hollow), and the other peanut butter and raspberry jam. So good. Will be having those again tomorrow!

Snack #1

After the usual school drop off and trip to the gym (today was biceps/triceps and no cardio), I came home, and for some reason today, I was absolutely starving, a lot more than usual!

I had some protein bars in the freezer. Its a new flavor I’ll be posting soon…Maple Pecan. These bars were a bit smaller than my normal 300 calorie ones (these are 250 calories), so I found it didn’t do much to take care of my appetite. So I had two instead of one. Problem solved…..sorta


I’ve finally realized why these snack pictures are always blurry…my arms are so fatigued, I can’t even hold my phone with a steady hand!

I was still hungry after 2 bars, so back I went into the freezer and grabbed something else…another new recipe. A no-bake protein “thin mint” cookie. Excited to share this recipe, they are really good and low carb too. Packed with protein. I had one, and made some tea. Finally my tummy was happy!



Well my protein packed snacks lasted me for a while, as I made it a few hours before having a late lunch. I wasn’t starving, so I settled on a salad. I had some bagged spinach in the fridge, so had some of that with a bit of bagged cabbage mix on top along with a few other veggies (carrot, snap peas, cucumber). Didn’t have any chicken pre-cooked, so instead put some canned pink salmon on top (I used half a can)


Dressing was a mixture of two I had in the fridge, as I was at the bottom of both bottles. One was a greek-style dressing, and the other was a homemade balsamic.

Snack #2

When my kindergartener got home from school (they do full days where I live, so she’s in school from 8:50 – 2:50), she’s always super hungry. I made her a smoothie, and made some extra for myself.

Today I just did some natural chocolate whey protein (Whey Gourmet), and half a frozen banana, unsweetened almond milk and ice.


As per usual, my 16 month old had her green smoothie only 1 hour earlier…yet she still wanted some sips of mine 😉 Can’t blame her…it was good!


After playing some Barbie’s and dress up, it was time to prep dinner. I took out some ground turkey this morning to thaw, and I had a spaghetti squash to make some “faux” pasta.


I just browned the turkey with some onion, a little bit of dried herbs and garlic powder. Then added in 2 jars of pasta sauce and let it simmer for a bit. The spaghetti squash, I cook in the microwave. I poked some fork holes in it, and put in the microwave for 10 minutes, flipped it over and cooked it for another 6 min. I have a more in depth recipe here with nutrition included, and a different method for cooking the squash. I find this way the easiest though.

After Dinner Snack

As I type this, my 5 year old is patiently waiting for me to make her some popcorn, so I’ll probably have a little of that.  Then, later on, some non-fat greek yogurt with stevia and a bit of granola. Oh, and tea…always like to have some herbal tea. Its part of my winding down for the day.

I’m curious to know, what snack do you like to have after dinner? Leave in the comments below.

See you tomorrow with a Lemon Loaf recipe 🙂