What I Ate Wednesday #17

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Hey All! Hope you’re having a great week so far. I don’t have much time to get this post up as my hubby is out of town for work and I’m solo with the 2 kiddo’s, and its nearing bedtime. But its Wed, so that means yet another “What I Ate Wednesday”!

Its been extra busy the last couple weeks as my little girl (17 months) is climbing everything. Can’t look away for 30 seconds or she’s climbing up chairs, onto counters, up bookcases etc. I’m having heart attacks almost daily! Thankfully my 5 year old helps me too when she’s not at school, and screams when she gets onto or into something she shouldn’t be. But man, I’m an exhausted mama, as I’m rarely sitting down these days! I know all you Mom’s have been there, or are there with me right now! Thank goodness she still naps, so I can get a little time-out! Ha!




I was in the mood for waffles, and I picked up some more of these chia frozen waffles the other day. They are really tasty! On one I put butter and sugar free maple syrup (Nature’s Hollow), and the other, natural peanut butter and raspberry jam.  I also scrambled some eggs (1 egg with 4 egg whites). Hearty breakfast!  I find I’m needing even more food these days with the Body Assault Workouts.


After I got my daughter off to school, it was time to hit up the gym. I’ve gone back to my regular Vega pre-workout. The sugar free energizer. I find I get a good boost from it, and my tummy feels great on it.


I had temporarily switched to this one from Magnum, but it was hard on my tummy and gave me a stomach ache a lot of the time. I also didn’t like the fact it has sucralose, and is effervescent. Not really a fan of the fizziness. I should have examined the label closer when I bought it, but I had both kids in tow, and the 1 year old as running around the store, so I just grabbed it. So oh well, kind of a waste, but live and learn! I did like that it didn’t have stimulants in in though.


Snack #1

Went an got a few groceries after the gym, so the little one was tired and fell asleep on the way home.  I didn’t bring a snack with me, as I’m always rushed in the morning…so as I was bringing in the groceries, I grabbed a bar and ate it while I was doing that. Gotta love multi tasking!  This is another variation of my No-Bake Better Than Store Bought Protein Bars, that I make pretty much every week.


It was pretty huge. I’m not that skilled at cutting bars, so sometimes there are smaller ones, and this one was bigger than average. But no problem scarfing this bad boy down!


Thankfully I got some quite time while the little one napped, so I put together a lunch which was basically dinner leftovers from the other night.

It was mashed yam (with a bit of butter and almond milk, then mashed), and sauteed asparagus and mushrooms (sauteed them in a bit of oil and butter). Then some chicken breast that I had baked in a herb and garlic seasoning.


I was quite full, but then as soon as 4:00pm came around, I figured I could use something else, or I was going to start picking at stuff.

Snack #2

I had some pre-made protein pancakes in the fridge, so I took half of one, and spread some natural peanut butter and a bit of jam on it. Folded it and eaten. Done! I need to make these more regularly, as I really do like them cold, and they make a great snack. They are mainly egg whites, and also oats, but a whole batch is an entire carton of egg whites and 1 cup oats, so much more protein-rich.



With hubby away, I thought it would be fun to have pizza with the girls tonight. At the store I bought a mini sprouted grain cheese pizza for them to share, and I made a pizza on a brown rice tortilla (tortilla from Trader Joe’s). Basically a variation of my California Pizza recipe minus the green onions, and I added some cheddar cheese.


Yes, I ate the whole thing no problem, and had a few cucumbers and snap peas on the side, and dipped my pizza in a yogurt style ranch dressing. It was delish!

Before Bed

I’m still full from dinner, but I’m sure in a couple hours I won’t be saying that! Last night I made an awesome combo, so I think I’ll do it again. Non-fat greek yogurt with stevia drops (NuNaturals). Topped with coconut butter (crumbed Coconut Manna), a few peanuts, toasted coconut flakes and some tropical flavored Love Crunch (Nature’s Path) granola.


Gotta run, its bath time!  Ta ta!

See you tomorrow with the Cheesecake Protein Bar recipe! I know many of you are excited for that one!