What I Ate Wednesday #18

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Hope you’re all having a great week so far. Another “What I Ate Wednesday”.  I’m a little more organized today as I’m watching my adorable nephew today. So I’ll have 3 kiddo’s keeping me busy 😉 The things I’m usually rushing around doing in the morning, I did last night…like getting bags and lunch ready for school, getting myself ready right after I woke up, and scheduling posts for work.

It lead to a very smooth morning, and no frustration…it was nice! Perhaps I’ll do it more often! 🙂


I got some Udi’s GF Cinnamon Raisin Bread the other day, so naturally it was on my mind. Had a couple slices, toasted with butter, and my usual 1 egg, 4 egg whites scramble for protein. Topped with a touch of ketchup (fave ketchup is Organic Trader Joe’s)


Snack #1 (Post-Workout)

After a great arm (biceps/triceps) workout…(I’m working ahead and doing Week 3 of the BBH Body Assault Workout). It was great. Came home, and was ready for a snack. Dig into one of the Snickers Bars!!! (recipe coming tomorrow). They are just so so good…you have to try them.


Since these are 219 cals and 13.5 g protein, I knew it wasn’t going to be enough to tide me over until lunch, and I wanted a bit more protein. So I made a little protein pudding with 3/4 scoop MRM Chocolate Whey Protein, mixed in a bit of water until smooth and slightly runny. Added in a few Peanut Butter Puffins for a bit of crunch! It was great!



I’m not going to be around for dinner tonight, as I’m going out with a few girlfriends, I prepped dinner for the hubby/kids while the 2 littles were napping. Made this Italian Turkey Meatloaf and had 1 1/2 for myself for lunch instead, along with some easy homemade greek salad (baby tomatoes, cuke, onion, balsamic, feta, olive oil ) over spinach.



Snack #2

Since I’ll be out tonight, I decided to have my usual pre-bedtime snack before my dinner out to tie me over. Some greek yogurt with stevia drops (NuNaturals) and some coconut chips and granola from Trader Joe’s.



I won’t have a photo of dinner tonight, as I’m going to dinner with a few friends and I’ll be back too late to publish this post. As per usual, I scope out the menu before I go to check the gluten-free options. They have a variety of salads and such, but I think I’ll stick with an entree. They have a pan seared halibut or shrimp, as well as steak. So I’m pretty sure I’ll end up with one of those.

Oh, and a glass of wine…I’ll definitely be having a glass of wine! 😉

See you tomorrow with the No-Bake Snickers Bars recipe!