What I Ate Wednesday #19

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Happy “What I Ate Wednesday”!  I feel like I’ve been a bit off my game today! It was a long weekend for us this week, so I’m getting my days mixed up! I didn’t get 1 picture today (dinner) as I totally forgot. It almost happened with every meal, but I remembered at the last minute…well except for dinner. I know exactly why too…the kids are crazy hyper at this time, so we’re literally scarfing down our dinner. Are we the only ones that do this?

I usually feed the kids beforehand, as I never have our dinner ready by the time they start to get cranky for food (around 5pm). So usually they have leftovers from the night before, which they don’t seem to mind, and hubby and I eat closer to 6:00pm.  I would like to eat all together more often, but that’s they way it goes much of the time.  I’d rather have them fed and happy than driving me crazy as I’m trying to make dinner. Know what I mean?

Perhaps when they’re a bit older this will change. Would love to hear if you can relate to this!

Ok, now onto the food!


WIAW_Feb 12_breakfast

I’ve been addicted to waffles as of lately. These are gluten free waffles from Trader Joe’s. I also like the ones from Nature’s Path. They have a few gluten free waffles.  On one, I put butter and sugar free maple syrup (Nature’s Hollow), and the other, natural peanut butter and raspberry jam. I also had some scrambled eggs. About 1 egg, 4 egg whites…with a touch of ketchup on top.


Another day at the gym. Did an arm workout (from BBH Body Assault Program). Burned about 550 calories, so after hitting up a quick trip to the grocery store with the little one, rushed home to have a protein bar, as I forgot to pack one.

WIAW_Feb 12_snack

This is the “Better Than Store Bought” Protein Bars. I used chocolate whey protein from MRM, and dark cherries instead of raisins and chocolate chips as listed in the recipe. So good, and fills me up until lunch time.


WIAW_Feb 12_lunch

It was a bit of a mish-mash.  I had some leftover Dilly, Lemon & Maple Chicken, (best baked chicken recipe on the planet if you ask me), and also added some rotisserie chicken.  The veggies were leftovers from the other night. They are actually a frozen mix of beans and there are a bit of baby carrots in there too. I’m not usually a fan of frozen veggies, but I really like these, and they are so convenient. I got them at Costco (Sunshine Harvest PEI Medley – Organic). I think this is a Canadian-only brand, but I’m seeing a lot more variety in the frozen section for vegetables everywhere now…in the US and Canada, as I go across the border to the US about once a month.

Snack #2

Around 4:00pm, I’m usually hungry again, so today I had a couple pieces of Cheesecake Protein Bars. These are a new flavor I haven’t posted yet…Peanut Butter and Chocolate crust. So so good. Recipe will be going up soon. First, I have a new Key Lime version.

WIAW_Feb 12_snack2

Before I made dinner, I also grabbed a “Best Ever Blueberry Muffin” out of the fridge and ate that too. Feeling a little extra hungry today, so I just went with it 😉

Best Ever Blueberry Muffins_1


I posted about my Garlic and Shrimp Pasta earlier today on Facebook, so naturally, it made me want to make it. I followed my recipe, only we had it over black bean pasta vs. gluten free spaghetti.  Loving this pasta! Its low carb, high fiber and high protein! The brand is Explore Asian, and I got it at Costco, but its sold a bunch of stores, and even on Amazon, so check the store locator on their website.

explore asian black bean spaghetti

Here’s what the pasta dish looks like, but remember I forgot to take a picture of mine today, so just imagine black pasta underneath it instead 😉

WIAW_Feb 12_dinner

Before Bed

Only been an hour since I ate dinner, but I’m already thinking about my snack. I probably have this 5 out of 7 days of the week, and I’m not tired of it yet. Probably because I switch up the stevia flavors, toppings, so it can really feel like a different snack every night. If you eat greek yogurt, I HIGHLY recommend getting the stevia drops from NuNaturals. They are only sold online, and have a variety of flavors. My favorites are vanilla, orange, lemon and cherry-vanilla.

I haven’t decided what toppings to have yet, but it will probably look something like this…


Last night, I flavored my yogurt with sugar free maple syrup (Nature’s Hollow), maple extract and added some of this maple pecan granola to it. Let me tell you….so so good. That is, if you like maple flavored things.

That is all I have for ya tonight! 😉

See you tomorrow or Friday for another new recipe (the Key Lime Cheesecake Protein Bars!)