What I Ate Wednesday #21

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Well I’ve pretty much made it all through winter without getting sick. The past couple days, a cold is getting the best of me. Usually I’m never sick for more than a couple days, but this one is fighting me. I went to bed at 9pm last night and got up at 6:30am. A lot more sleep than I usually get, but I was still not feeling the best this morning.

Since its “What I Ate Wednesday”, I still wanted to show you my meals for the day. My appetite was still there, and isn’t the old wives tale…feed a cold, starve a fever? Ah well, regardless, I was eatin’!


I wanted something hearty and warm for breakfast, so I went for some Coach’s Oats. 1/3 cup cooked with water.  I topped it with a bit of strawberry jam and almond milk. Wanted to get my protein too, so I did the usual 1 egg, 4 egg white scramble.



I skipped the gym today to try to rest and recover. I usually take Friday off, but I’ll probably go if I’m feeling ok to get my 5 days in.  I ran out of protein bars, so instead I made my Cookie Dough Protein Snack. Similar to a bar, but in a bowl! For the add-ins I used stevia chocolate chips and raisins.



Around noon, I started to feel better, so I figured I may as well do some baking while Clara was down for her nap.  Made some more “Better Than Store Bought” Protein Bars and Snickers Protein Bars. After doing that, I was ready for lunch.


I had some leftover Pesto Cranberry Turkey Meatballs (sooo good, recipe will be posting soon), along with some pesto yogurt dip, which doubled as a great dip for the meatballs and the veggies. Used what we had left of baby carrots, and also had some cucumber and orange pepper. The pepper has seen better days, so I wanted to eat it before it went bad!

Snack #2

I was still feeling ok, so I decided to do some more baking. Wanted to try out some muffins using coconut flour, as I’ve seen a couple recipes floating around on the web. To date, I haven’t had much success with coconut flour, and I haven’t really liked the texture of baked goods when its the primary flour.

But since I had everything I figured why not.  I made one batch regular, and the other with banana, since I’ve got a collection of bananas in my freezer right now.  Right out of the oven, I can’t say I was super pleased with the texture, but I’m going to see how they taste once they’ve had a chance to chill in the fridge overnight.  So the jury is still out! The banana ones stuck to my pan. I sprayed them, but I should have used my silicone liners. I know for next time if they get a recipe re-make!



We’re in the “using what we have in the fridge and pantry” mode right now, as I usually do my big grocery shopping trip/Costco run at the beginning of the month. So what’s the best thing to make with a mish-mash of stuff? Chili of course!


I used moose breakfast sausage. Had a maple flavor, so it worked quite well!  I also added in some onion, mushroom, yellow pepper, canned kidney beans and chickpeas. A larger can of diced tomatoes, a ton of chili powder and garlic, and some Worcestershire and Franks, dinner was done! Sometimes the most thrown together dinners taste the best, right?!

Before Bed Snack

Its getting pretty late and I’m not super hungry, so I may just have one of my Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownies (made with black beans). I made them after dinner.  Super easy, I basically blended it all in my Blendtec, stirred in chocolate chips, swirled in some PB, poured into a pan and baked! As I mentioned on my Instagram, I’ve tried a lot of recipes with black beans, and this has by far come out the best. My hubby loves them. He could eat a pan himself, no problem!


That’s the plan! Well now I’m off to check your votes on Facebook to see which recipe has won for the next post!