What I Ate Wednesday #22

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For the past little while, I’ve been thinking about future plans for this blog and the direction I’d like to take it. I have limited time being a full time mom, and having a small social media business I’m also running. So I’ve decided to focus on specific things with the blog, so I can get it to that next level.

Creating recipes is my passion, so any more time I can squeeze into doing that, I’m a happy camper.

What I’m trying to get at, is that I’ll no longer be doing these “What I Ate Wednesday” posts.  I’d like to put more time into recipe development and photography, and even though these posts don’t take an incredible amount of time, its still time I could spend doing other blog-related improvements.  To be quite frank, I also despise taking food photo’s with my phone, as the picture quality is horrible, but for these types of posts, it would be impossible to try and take great photo’s and do all the food styling for each meal every week for these posts.

I will, though, continue to occasionally post my meals on Instagram, so if you’re there, I’d love for you to follow along.

I hope you enjoy the last “What I Ate Wednesday”. Unfortunately, I don’t have any utterly amazing, or out of the ordinary to share today.  But if you’re ever looking for new inspiration, I still have 21 weeks of WIAW posts that will always be on the site here if you want to refer back to them.


2 failed recipe test leftovers! Coconut banana muffins and a cinnamon blueberry bar. Such potential. These will not be getting posted. But I hate wasting food. They weren’t inedible thankfully, I just won’t be making them this way again.



After my workout at the gym (shoulders), came home and I was ready to scarf down a protein bar as per usual.


I made yet another batch of my no-bake protein bars. I make these every week or two (whenever they are gone), along with another no-bake bar (I also had some of my Snickers bars in the freezer)


Since I had 2 failed recipes that I was hoping to post this week, I had to come up with something else. A reader request was different variations of chicken salad. So I came up with a Thai Curried Chicken Salad, and it was delicious! (those are roasted coconut chips on top)

20140305_lunchThis will be the next recipe on the blog coming Friday.

Snack #2

There is a bunch I didn’t photograph that I had my hands in for a second snack. A couple bites of leftover yogurt (from the kids), leftover popcorn (kid again). I also had another 1 1/2 of these blueberry bars from the fridge.


These would have worked out great, but they were burnt along the edges and the whole bottom is too dark as well. Hard to tell from the photo. It wasn’t due to it being in the oven too long, as it was starting to brown before the batter was even cooked in the middle, so not sure what happened there. Usually my muffins and bars are successful on the first trial. But unfortunately not this time!


My husband is still out of town, so dinner tonight was basically the same as last night! Takes longer to go through leftovers when its just me and my little girls eating it!


Pesto & Cranberry Turkey Meatballs, roasted veggies, and to dip I mixed some greek yogurt, pesto and a touch of cranberry sauce.

That’s about it! Will be having a snack  later (probably some greek yogurt, sweetened with stevia and topped with some granola).


Thanks again for following along on these What I Ate Wednesday posts! Hope you’ve enjoyed them and gotten a few new ideas!