What is the Busy But Healthy Show?

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So…what is Busy But Healthy™?72 dpi.jpgThe idea came about because the biggest reason people give for not being healthy and fit is because they don’t have the time. 

time-flies-clock.gifYes, its an excuse, but many people think that taking on a new diet/fitness program and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be!  There are a lot of false information and misconceptions out there in regards to health, fitness and diets. 

The show is geared towards beginners wanting to get started on the path towards a healthy lifestyle, and for already healthy people to get new recipes & tips. Everything featured on the show is approved by me and follows my beliefs. I’m not a doctor, so all of my advise and recommendations are from my own personal success, and what has worked for me.

Before After.jpgBusy But Healthy™ does not give just any company clout to push their product. I want to assure people I have a tough set of standards to be met before giving it my stamp of approval.  I’m looking to educate people to make better choices, how to read labels and choose the right convenience foods that can help them reach their goals; whether it is weight loss, maintenance or improved health.  Things like sodium, sugar, protein and fibre are overlooked in a lot of diet and convenience foods.


no sugar.jpgOf course, first and foremost, my philosophy will always remain that whole foods are best, but I understand that busy people like me need a bit of room for convenience. I’d like people to look at me as their friend that’s done all the research for them. Not everyone wants to spend countless hours figuring out the best food choices and workouts for them.

Being healthy and fit can be part of your life, not your whole life.  I’m not suggesting people don’t occasionally indulge in their favorite burger or chocolate bar, because asking them to give it up completely is nonsense.  Moderation and variety is key, and also making healthy versions of your favorite foods. 


california pizza healthy.JPGBookmark it & download the podcasts to see weekly Recipe Video’s, Q&As and Tips. My primary goal is help a lot more people reach their goals, whether it be lose fat, gain muscle or maintain, and have it fit into their busy lifestyle.

now.jpgMore of what will be featured on the show:

* Quick & healthy recipes for the non-cook using 10 ingredients or less
* Effective fat-loss workouts
* Interviews with other Busy But Healthy™ people who share their best recipes/tips
* My favorite products that are essential to a busy lifestyle
* Free product giveaways & contests
* Q&A with me
So come join me at https://www.busybuthealthy.com/

Plus, I’m always looking for feedback, so please let me know what you think!  I want this to be for you, so send me your questions and let me know what need!  Anyone can post comments on this blog, even anonymously.

So for any of you in cyberspace that have a program or product that you feel would fit into a Busy But Healthy™ lifestyle, send me more information and I will consider talking about it on the show!  Email me at [email protected]

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