Younique 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara – My Honest Review

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You might be thinking: “Hold the phone…this isn’t a recipe or workout?” You’re right. I don’t post many beauty finds, I’d usually post something like this on my Facebook page. But this post was going to be too long for a status, so I figured I’d post it here instead.

Disclaimer: This is a non-sponsored review. I was given the mascara to try. I received no compensation. I do not sell the product.

*See the bottom of the post for the GIVEAWAY!

I had to post about this, as like many of you, I’ve been added to Facebook groups about some amazing mascara that’s supposed to do a “makeover” on your eyelashes. Its often referred to as 3D mascara. Some of your friends may even be selling it.

Even though I try not to be, I’m always skeptical of products that are sold in what I describe as an “MLM” fashion.  If you haven’t already guessed, the product I’m talking about is the Younique 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara. I was initially intrigued, cause lets be honest…who doesn’t want longer and thicker lashes?

Another feature I learned about the product was that its gluten free, vegan, cruelty free, and does not contain any harsh chemicals. With that in mind, it was the main reason I decided to give it a try.  I also wanted to see if it was worth all the hype, and money.

The before and after pictures I’ve come across were pretty amazing, but I was still skeptical, as I wondered if those results could be achieved at home, and by a person (like myself) having no professional makeup artist experience.

I may not be the best person to review this product, as my natural lashes are pretty good! While they are blonde and I have to wear mascara to even see them, they’re a good length. I do struggle with the thickness of them (they are getting a touch thinner with age).

Here’s me with no mascara. If you squint you can sorta see my lashes 😉

younique_no mascara

The regular mascara that I use on a daily basis is L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara. I’ve used it for years, and always gone back to it, even after trying the expensive Sephora brands. I’d say the higher end one I like is Dior Show. But its not cheap, at $31 per tube, and I found it would be gone within a month and a half as I typically apply more than one coat.

Here I am with regular mascara only (L’Oreal)

younique_mascara only

So alas, I had the Younique 3D mascara in hand, and I said to myself…let see how this goes, as its in the same price range as the more expensive brands ($35).

Although it seems like there’s a lot of steps to putting on the 3D mascara, it actually goes very quickly. I should also mention, that normally, I normally would apply 2-3 coats of regular mascara, so I feel the time involved to apply the Younique is about the same. If you typically only apply 1 coat of mascara, then using the Younique, you’ll be adding on about 2-3 minutes to your regular makeup routine. I’m a busy mom like many of you are, but I would totally spend the extra 2 minutes if it would make my lashes look 5x better!

Here’s my after pic using the 3D mascara (I put it on the top lashes only)


Here’s a side-by-side shot:

younique side by side

Here’s another AFTER:


I’ll outline the steps I took to achieve the look in my Before & After above.

1) First you apply 1 coat of your regular mascara (any old cheap brand would do, as its just a base)
2) Then you apply 1 coat of the Younique gel (its black and resembles regular mascara)
3) Then you apply 1 coat of the Younique fibers (it looks like pieces of black fluff on a mascara wand)
4) Then you apply another coat of the Younique gel to seal it

If you’d like to see a YouTube video instead of how to apply it, view that here.


It comes of easily with soap and water, like regular mascara. But its more water-resistant than regular mascara.

These are the steps I followed to get the look above. I have gone on to add another coat of the fibers and gel to get a more dramatic look.

My Thoughts?

I’m happy with it! I even wore it to the waterslides, and it stayed put. I only had my head under the water a couple times for a few seconds though, and didn’t rub my eyes, so I doubt it would hold up the same if you actually went swimming. But it didn’t run down my face and have me looking like a raccoon!

I think it works much better than the mascaras in the higher price range (like the Dior Show I mentioned)

Its a great option if you don’t want to use something more invasive like Latisse, which grows new lashes. But I’ve read there can be side effects with that…and some of them serious.

I should also mention that I wear contacts and it doesn’t bother them at all. Typically when I wear false eyelashes, my eyes are red and burning within a couple of hours. Perhaps the lashes or the glue bother my contacts? So the 3D mascara is a great option to get rid of wearing false lashes. I do recommend though, that you put in your contact lenses after applying the 3D mascara.

I can’t attest to how it would work for gals with short lashes, as for me I found it helped the length a little, but I noticed it made them thicker.  I think if you had short lashes, you’d probably need to do 2 coats of the fibers to help build up the length.

Would I Buy It?

Yes, I would buy it. I’m going to see how long these tubes last me, and if they last a couple months at least, I can justify spending the extra $$.

How to Buy

I believe that you can only buy the Younique from somebody that sells it. My friend Amy gave me the product to try, so I’ll provide her info in case any of you want to purchase. It can ship to anywhere in Canada and the US.  There are other Yonique products in her online store, but I haven’t tried anything else aside from the 3D mascara.

Here is the link to my friend Amy’s store. Anyone in North America can purchase.

Here are the shipping rates she provided me:

Orders under $100=$5.50
Orders over $100=Free

Orders under $100=$10.00
Orders $100-$199.99=$7.50
Orders over $200=Free


1 person can win the Younique 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara so you can give it a try!  Use the rafflecopter app below to enter!

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Any Questions?

Leave them in the comments below, and I’ll try and answer them. I’ll also have my friend Amy pop by if its something I can’t answer, and perhaps she can.