Bloat-Free Bread!

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My definition of tasty bloat-free bread!

My new favorite (& new to their line!): Udi’s Gluten Free Millet/Chia Bread.  It also has 6 grams of fiber per serving which is really great for a gluten free bread!

Don’t you hate how ‘regular’ bread can be so bloating?  I do!  Even though I’m not celiac (that means you can’t eat gluten), I still feel much better sticking to gluten-free items.

Many people are intolerant to wheat (& gluten) but may not even know it.  The only way you really know is to stop eating it for a while, and see if the bloating subsides (if that’s the problem for you).

I try to keep carbs to about 3-4 servings a day.  30 grams per serving.  I find this amount still gives me plenty of energy, but can keep me somewhat lean.  Yes, I said somewhat.  Being too lean is not good for my body (and for most women).

I’m always on the lookout for healthy carbs to add into the rotation.  Sure, whole grains are best (oats, quinoa, millet etc).  But lets face it, if I’m busy, bread is convenient, and who doesn’t like a nice piece of toast?!

I’ve tried about every gluten-free bread over the years, and Udi’s is BY FAR, the best tasting one! They also carry, bagels, thin pizza crusts, muffins, cinnamon buns (for a treat, of course).  I’ve tried almost the entire line.  Everything is great!

Its not dry at all, and its not crumbly (like most gluten free breads).  Honestly, most people wouldn’t know the difference (my husband doesn’t!).

If your curious, here are the ingredients & nutritional facts for the millet/chia bread….

Ingredients: filtered water, tapioca starch, brown rice flour, millet seed, corn starch, sunflower oil, egg whites, cane syrup, chia seed, rice bran, evaporated cane juice, citrus fiber, polydextrose, flax seed meal, yeast, salt, gum (xanthan, guar gum), pea protein, molasses, sodium carboxymethyl, cellulose, cultured corn syrup, alpha amalase

Nutrition (per 2 slices)  Calories: 160  Fat: 5 g  Carbs: 28 g  Fiber: 6 g  Sodium: 200 mg  Sugars: 3 g  Protein: 5 g  —> see how it fits into my 30 grams of carbs per serving nicely?!

Udi’s Gluten Free products are popping up all over store shelves in Canada/US.  I get mine at Save On Foods….its listed, so if  your store doesn’t have it, ask them to bring it in!  They have a handy store locator on their site, and you can also order online!

Next on my list is their granola!  Haven’t tried that yet.  Some of that stirred into non-fat greek yogurt?  I’m thinking YES!

QUESTION!  Have you tried Udi’s?  If so, what do ya think?