Catching Critters…

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Happy Friday!  I just have a quick post today.  Busy few days ahead as I’m prepping for my little girls 3rd birthday party on Sunday!  I will have pics next Friday from all the festivities!

We had an interesting event at our house this week!  By the title of the post, you can guess that a critter was involved.  Over the past couple months, we had noticed a “critter” AKA, rat, scurry around our yard.  We think it was living under our house.  I saw it about a week ago scurry onto our back deck.  Thankfully I saw it from in the house, or else the neighbors would have heard me SCREAM!

So Brent went out to buy a trap.  He came home with a snap trap  I didn’t like the idea of killing the poor little guy, so he went back and got a humane trap.

The release valve was covered with peanut butter, so it only took a couple of days for our little friend to go have a taste…..then, the door shut, and we got him!

rat catch.JPGHe actually was a cute little guy!

cute rat.JPGSo after he was trapped, Brent took him off to the woods and released him.  Maybe now he can be with some other rat friends 😉

So there was an exciting event this week!

Our big dog Macgregor is excited for the party.  Sienna wanted him to try our her hairband that she’s wearing for the party.

He sure didn’t mind 😉

IMG_6552 (Copy).JPG
Have a great weekend!!!!