Favorite Find: Quickest Quinoa Ever!

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Hey guys!  Hope your having a fabulous week so far!  Can you believe that my Vancouver Canucks have made it to the Stanley Cup finals?!  I sure can’t!!!!  Back in ’94 (I was 14 yrs old) they got up to Game 7, but lost.  So here’s their chance!  Hopefully they can do it, as they have never won a Stanley Cup – ever!

So its definitely madness today in Vancouver, as the game is here!  I think most people are ditching work early today and getting home, a friends or the closest pub or bar!  I’ll be doing some health-i-fied pub fare at home!  Faux Fried Chicken Strips, Veggies & Potato Skins.  Yum!

Ok, enough of that, onto my “Favorite Find”.  Ok seriously, I’ve got some extra love for Costco lately!  I’m seeing some healthy items being carried there!  Not just extra huge bags of crackers, bread and chips!!!!  Eg. I’ve posted before Dried Young Coconut & Gogo Rice!

I’m sure you’ve heard about Quinoa by now. (If you haven’t, click on the link) 

quinoa.jpgIts a gluten-free grain that has plenty of protein, fibre and a mild, nutty flavor.  Its very versatile.  Great for salads…

quinoa salad.jpg


Perhaps in soup…

Thumbnail image for quinoa soup.jpgor eating on its own!  It comes in 2 varieties, regular (the light colored beige one) and red quinoa.

To be honest, I don’t have it that often because of the preparation involved.  Meals under 30 minutes are the name of the game for me.  It could be prepped ahead of time, like I do for a lot of the things in my fridge (chicken, squash, protein muffins).  But quinoa is never top of mind.

So when I came across this, it peaked my interest!!!

Seeds of Change – Uyuni – Quinoa & Whole Grain Brown Rice (Ready-to-Heat Rice)

seeds of change rice quinoa.JPGA red quinoa and brown rice mix!  Very interesting!  So this is how you make it (cut a small hole and microwave for 90 seconds to heat up). QUICK OR WHAT!  You could also put into a glass bowl, cover with a paper towel & microwave for 90 seconds (if you don’t like nuking in plastic).

Here’s the nutrition info:

seeds of change rice quinoa (1) (Copy).JPG

125 mL is 1/2 cup.  Pretty good!  They don’t put in any flavor or sugar.  You can flavor with herbs or even use it in a recipe.  I find the red quinoa has a bit more flavor and its a tad more crunchy.  I like it!

The brown basmati rice that came in the pack was pretty good too, although I still like the Gogo Rice better (cause its like short sticky rice!).

Here’s a link to the Seeds of Change website, where you can find some other of their food products.  They also have a store locator.  They also have some neat Meal Idea’s on their site too, using their stuff!  Take a peek!

See you around tomorrow, I’m posting a new video!!!  My first quick workout video!  You don’t want to miss it!