Favorite Find Wednesday: If your gonna eat bread…

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…… I’d try and get one like this. If getting lean is your goal (which is different from losing weight!), I’ve had much more success by cutting breads and pasta’s out of my diet.  But, I must admit, there are times that its nice to have a sandwich, or a slice of toast.  Its like a treat a couple days a week.  Since I don’t regularly have it, I find most store bought brands totally bloat my stomach.  If you read the list of ingredients, store bought whole grain (& even most sprouted breads) you’ll see the long ingredient lists that usually include some sort of sugar and yeast.

This is the bread that I LOVE

clean eating bread.JPG I only found it a short time ago, from a small local company. My local health food store brings it in. I love that its sugar free, yeast free, low carb, no oil and no wheat.  If you can believe it, this bread tastes really good, my husband even says so!  Goes to show you, you don’t need all that stuff in bread to make it taste good!  I know its not available to 99% of you, but if you can find a bread in your area that is similar, give it a try!

clean eating bread 2.JPG

As you can see, the loaf isn’t huge, that is a teaspoon beside it.

Check out your local health food store in the freezer section, or even at Whole Foods or other natural food stores.  Most of these places will carry a wheat-free, yeast free type bread.  Even if you don’t find bread really bothers you, most people feel a difference after making the switch.

Consider the Ezekiel brand as well, theirs is probably the best available to more of the mass market (in my opinion).

Ezekiel_Sprouted_Grain_Bread.jpgHere is a blog post I found with some great info on the Ezekiel products if you want to read up on it.

Chat soon!

xo Kristine