Flashback Friday: Better Late Than Never!

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No, you’re not crazy….it is Tuesday, and this is last Friday’s post. I was having a couple of issues with the blog, and wasn’t able to post images.  What’s a blog without pictures right?! Hence, it prevented me from publishing this post till now.  Last week was a good week of fitness, fun and food!  Although now I have a killer cold…ugh.  Brent and I are off the detox!  Will get into that in a sec.  First things first, a “Flashback” photo.

I’ve was thinking a lot about my Mom last week.  I think with the holidays coming, it reminds me of her.  It was her favorite time of year.  I miss her so much.  For those of you new to the blog, I lost my mom in September 2007 to colon cancer.  She was so healthy and cancer does not run in our family.  It was a huge shock.  This photo was from around my 24th birthday August 2004.

mom me.jpgSo Brent and I are feeling good being off the detox.  We’ve been feeling like our bodies are “functioning” better!  I was anxious to try a few new recipes last week and have some variety!

Food last week:

Tried a new recipe I posted.  It was from Cooking Light, the Slow Cooker Thai-style Pork Stew.  I had a bunch of flank steak on hand (super lean) so I used that instead.  I actually ended up doubling the sauce ingredients, but I probably didn’t need to.  I ended up cooking it longer than I needed to, so a lot of the sauce ended up evaporating.  It was delish!

Thai Style Pork (or Beef) Stew – My version

thai beef stew slow cooker.JPGAlso had some people over last Sunday for dinner.  Did a healthy Turkey Lasagna, with salad, and the Date Squares for dessert.  They were a hit!

Date Squares.JPGThey are soooo good, and MUCH healthier than the original version!

On Thursday (Rememberence Day), Brent and I ended up going to a friends house to see her new baby.  He was soooo adorable, and Brent could see my baby fever from 10 miles away!  I know what being a new mom is like, and the lack of sleep and good food, so I brought over a couple goodies for her, which were well received.

My Pumpkin Loaf

pumpkin loaf.JPGI did a modification and used spelt flour versus oat flour.  Came out great!

Blueberry Muffins

blueberry muffins.JPGI posted this recipe in the Recipe Club  last week.  Its a healthy take on my Mom’s recipe!

I also have been playing around with a healthy fudge recipe, and came up with a really great one!  I’ll be keeping it a secret for a little while longer.  Will be filming a video of it very soon 😉

Sienna’s Picture of the Week:

Being the fudge taste-tester.  I think she liked it! Non?

sienna fudge.JPGNo update with the doggies, its been rainy, so they’ve just been chilling out indoors.

Workouts This Week:

Did some great workouts!  I was pretty sore after (from Wednesday’s & Friday’s workouts!)

Sat/Sun – OFF

Monday – OFF

Tuesday – 30 min cardio at gym (eliptical)

Wednesday – Bootcamp.  Went to a class.  We did 200 kettlebell swings, plus a interval circuit

Thursday – Interval workout at Gym with my GymBoss (love that thing!).  It was a shoulder/arm focus.  I will post this workout soon so stay tuned!

Friday – 45 minutes cardio at Gym (Stairmaster, intervals)

Sat/Sun – OFF

As mentioned last week, I’m trying to scale back my workouts.  3-4 days a week max.  I should be doing 3 only.  Its tough, especially when I’m used to working out 5 days a week typically.

Now being SICK this week, I haven’t worked out since Friday.  So this week I may only get in 1 workout 🙁 Urgh, hopefully I get better soon.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s FAVORITE FIND WEDNESDAY!  I’m super excited about this one!!!

xo Kristine