Girlie Stuff! My Favorite Makeup and Skincare Products!

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Happy Friday!  Happy long weekend to my American friends.  We just had our long weekend last weekend, but I’d be thrilled to take another long weekend!

I don’t have a typical “Flashback Friday” post for you today.  With it being a short week, and an extra busy work week, I didn’t have a chance to take pictures of meals.  But if you follow the Facebook Recipe Club, you’ll know that I’ve been talking a lot about BBQ this week!  I actually did a YUMMY Salmon on the BBQ, and some turkey burgers and one night was chicken!  I did some veggies on the BBQ too.  One night was asparagus, another was zucchini.  We’re also really upping our salad intake too!

Ok, so the topic of the day is… favorite makeup! Carol had written in to me and asked about the makeup and workout clothes I wear.  I love anything girl related, so I’m happy to share my favorite beauty products!  I will cover workout clothes in another post.

My everyday skin routine is very simple.  The makeup I wear in the video’s is very similar to my everyday makeup (except I wear lashes to give my eyes an extra oomph when filming) Eg.


So I’ll start with my skincare routine.  I recently starting using the Arbonne RE9 (anti-aging) line.  I’m really liking it!  


I use the serum, eye cream and day & night moisturizer. I wasn’t a big fan of the face wash, or the toner.  I’m so tired at the end of the night that I can’t even think about doing more than 4 steps!!! (Wash, serum, eye cream, night moisturizer).  I like that their line is all natural.  No parabens and all that stuff.

The face wash I use daily and really like is the Neutrogena Foaming Face Wash. My face just feels clean after. I haven’t found a more natural one I like yet. I don’t like paying over $10.00 for something I go through so quickly as well!



As for makeup, I do use a lot of Mac products.

My skin is actually on the oily side, so I need to use foundation or I’ll be a grease slick in a few hours.  My favorite is still MAC Studio Fix Liquid


I also started using the MAC concealer more recently and love that too!!!! I definitely can’t go without concealer now (thanks to lack of sleep).  I also have a scar on my face from getting a couple moles removed.  I actually posted about that plastic surgery experience Here.
I also use the Studio Fix Powder, or the Pressed Powder.  Just to set the foundation.
Ok, so now the base is covered….now for the rest!  For me, if I was on a desert island, the one beauty product I would want is mascara!  My eyelashes are blonde, so I look a lot different without mascara!  First I put on an eyeshadow base (paint).  My favorite paint is Stilife.  Having oily skin, it helps to keep my eyeshadow on better.
MAC Stilife Paint-2T.jpg
Then I use a bit of light shadow my favorite duo right now is “All That Glitters”
and “Wood Winked”
MAC Woodwinked.jpg
Then once the shadow is one, I curl my lashes.  My favorite mascara is Dior Show Blackout.  I LOVE how thick it is, you really only need a coat.  I find you can get your lashes looking great in a short amount of time!!!  Quick is good (when I have less than 10 minutes to put on makeup sometimes!).  I used to love Loreal Voluminous, but I much prefer this one now.
dior show.jpg
I also use a bit of black eyeliner.  Usually liquid liner on top lid.  I don’t have a favorite brand, I actually switch quite a bit.  Same goes for black pencil liner that I use on the bottom (water line).
Eyebrows.  Since my eyebrowns are blonde too, I need to fill them in with a pencil.  My favorite is Lancome Powder Pencil for the Brows in Natural Blonde.
lancome brows.jpg
Next is bronzer/blush!  I love the MAC Bronzing powder in “Refined Golden”
mac refined golden.jpg
For blush I love the MAC satin blush in “Well Dressed”
mac well dressed.jpg
I don’t always wear this, but I also LOVE this MAC pigment in Vanilla.  
Its a really fine powder and looks fabulous by the tear duct and below the brow.  You can see how I used it in this picture.  Excuse my eating 😉 LOL.
Last but not least – LIPS!  I’m not big on lipstick, so its usually just a bit of gloss, or MAC Lipglass.  My favorite of the moment (and what I’m wearing above) is MAC Lipglass in “Cultured”.
Would love to hear what some of your favorite makeup products are!  Share in the comments!!!!!!
See you Monday!  I’ll be posting my favorite workout clothes!!! Enjoy your weekend (or long weekend!)