Quick Home Dumbbell Workouts

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Happy Monday!  Did you watch Super Bowl yesterday?  Brent did, I half-watched. 

So for this week’s “News, Facts & Fitness Monday”, I figured it was time for some more workouts!  It seems like many of you do a lot of workouts at home (especially the moms).  DVD’s are great, and I’m a big fan of P90X, Insanity, etc.  Even if your using these videos (for cardio, or weights, or both), and your wanting to get lean, you need to use heavy enough weights and make it challenging!  I use 15 lb dumbells for majority of exercises.


For all these workouts, go as heavy as you can.  10-15 lb dumbells. 

PLEASE PLEASE, don’t waste your time with 3-5 lb weights!  Is this YOU?

granny.jpgI didn’t think so….give the 3 lb weights to your grandmother!!!!

If your not sure what some of the exercises are, just google it, there are tons of cartoon graphics and video’s out there to demonstrate.

These workouts are quick, you should be able to bang one off sometime through the day or evening. You don’t need a video or music.  Just have it printed out and handy!

To makeup a workout week, you could do this split, plus a little bit of cardio 2-3 times a week.  Pair that with a clean diet and you are well on your way to some results!!!

NOTE: * Superset means no rest in between.  Do the two exercises back to back, then a short rest.


3 set of each series 10-12 reps

1) Shoulder Press—superset with Bicep Curls
2) Lateral Raises—superset with Hammer Curls
3) Front Raises—superset with Concentration Curls
4) Upright Row—superset with V-Raises


3 sets of each series 10-12 reps

1) Tricep Dips—superset with Dumbbell Single Arm Row (10 per side)
2) Pushups—superset with Bent Over Reverse Flies
3) Dumbbell Kickbacks—superset with Deadlifts
4) Overhead Tricep Extension—superset with Pushups


3 sets of each 12-15 reps, using dumbbells

1) Half Squats
2) Alternating Lunges (12-15 per leg)
3) Walking Lunges
4) Pump Lunge (12-15 per leg)
5) Deadlifts


Hope these help!  Let me know what you think in the comments below.  Enjoy your week!