I'm NOT Perfect!

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Another busy week ahead.  Work, meetings, all that jazz.  Hopefully will be trying a couple new recipes this week….

Tonight is a turkey/moose chili!  Hubby has been wanting chili, so I’ll be a good wife and oblige (this time..hehe)

Back on my workout regime.  Yesterday did some intervals on the stepper, today intervals for 30 min on the bike and a great triceps/back workout.

Let this be PART 2 of yesterday’s post.  Over the past year, I’ve had comments from people thinking I eat perfect day in day out but I don’t! Sure, I work out more and eat better than the average person, but I’m not perfect all the time.  I do enjoy a treat once in a while (usually once a week) I’m not so rigid all the time with training and food.  Being a fitness competitor and in the health industry it’s easy to become obsessed.  Yes, there are times where I track and measure my food, workout 6 days a week and it becomes a HUGE focus. 

But personally I don’t think its healthy to live that way ALL THE TIME.  You need to have some balance too.  I’m not saying that means having Big Macs and desserts after every meal.  I’m referring to being able to go to a restaurant, order a healthy option and going to family dinners, again choosing the healthy option (and not bringing your own measured out food!).  Being afraid to eat outside the house or refusing food someone else prepared airs on the side of obsessive.  NOTE: The only exception to this would be food allergies or major food intolerance—totally understandable.

Really, an extra 10 grams of carbs in a day is not going to kill your results, and if you think it is….there are many more factors that are off….whether it be from tracking food intake incorrectly, not giving your body enough fuel, or overtraining.  See this article on METABOLIC DAMAGE by Scott Abel  Or, like some people that get so tired of dieting that they pound back a pint of ice cream mid week, (thank god I can’t eat ice cream – dairy allergy!) and write off their healthy eating the rest of the week and vow to start again on Monday.  Sorry, got a little distracted from this….looks good doesn’t it!

But I do have my vices—and I do my best to steer clear of them.  For me its CARBS!  I love them all—cookies, cereal, popcorn, breads, muffins.

Brent knows I cannot keep cereal in the house or its good as gone.  Even the ‘healthier’ low sugar high fibre cereals.  This is the enemy.  I can’t have these things around me (i.e. in my house).  At social events I can usually avoid them…..thankfully!

Proof is the other night–made the Chocolate PB Coconut cookies, ate a couple.  The next night Sienna had one, I had 3, then proceeded to put the rest down the garborator and I knew the rest would be gone before the evening is done. The deliciousness had me hooked! It was all in the name of research–I swear! 😉

What I’ve found that works for me is lots of protein and veggies, moderate carbs and adequate healthy fats.  When some of these things are off, the enemy can sometimes creep in.  I used to eat a diet of NO PROTEIN, and lots of carbs.  Since I’ve introduced more protein, its helped me dramatically.  I know my body is sugar (high glycemic) sensitive and sugar, honey, agave etc all make me want more sugar.  Then I eat it and get a sugar high and major crash.  It also makes my head itchy, heart race and if I go overboard, night sweats!  Sugar is just soooo bad for me, it is the TRUE enemy!!

I hate the idea of artificial sweetners, so stevia is my top pick.  Although there are a few protein shake brands I can absolutely love because they taste so good (but have artificial sweetner). I can also get away with a bit of raw sucanant and it tends to not awaken the enemy as much. Most fruits are ok as well, and a bit of fruit is better than straight up sugar or honey, and has way more nutritional value.

Like most people, I also do have to watch Emotional Eating and know when I’m eating for hunger versus emotional reasons.< /p>

So if anyone tells you they are perfect or appear that way, they aren’t, or they’re like me and have times of extra hard work and dedication but don’t let it ruin their life, family, friends, relationships!! Being over-obsessed is not cool and you’ll still be unhappy!   Its impossible to achieve a perfect body, because once you ‘think’ you get there, it will never be enough.  Healthy body image (not perfection) is the new black!!kristine fretwell.jpgStay healthy!

xo Kristine