Inspirational Quote, Weekday Meal & Holiday Weekend!

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Happy Friday!  Whew, this week has flown by!  So glad to get the extra day off (although I usually end up doing some work!).  Being able to work at home has it positives and negatives.  When the computer is always there, its easy to work! 

Any fun things planned for the long weekend?  We typically don’t go away.  Usually the weather is iffy, like today!  We’ve got some gatherings at various friends places, so we’ll be doing that.  There is also a big event in our city, so we’ll probably check that out too!

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So if you follow along on Facebook/Twitter, you may remember me posting about an injury that I got on Monday.  At the end of my usual bootcamp class, I was feeling some soreness around my neck/upper back/left trap.  It almost felt like whiplash.  So off I went to the massage therapist the next day.  She thought it was a micro-tear to my left trap muscle. Today its definitely feeling much better.  I was able to do a workout at home yesterday (just walking on a steep incline on my treadmill), and I’ll do the same today as well.  Next week I’m hoping to be back in my regular workout routine!

Recently, we decided to do a bit of a change in our living room!  One of my Facebook friends posted a photo of a wall sticker type thing she got from Writing On The Wall!  Well you know how much I love quotes, so I insisted on getting one custom made.  Here’s how it turned out!

writing on the wall.JPG

As you can see, we still need to touch up the paint in a couple places.  I couldn’t even notice in person, but it really shows up on camera!  I’m also thinking of putting a couple of photo’s beside it. 

This quote is a great example of how Brent and I feel about life in general.  We like to see the joy in things, love to laugh, and we both firmly believe that life is what you make it, and anything is possible if you put your mind to it and work hard!  Joy also reminds me very much of my Mom that passed away, so when I look at this quote, it reminds me of her. 🙂

As for food this week, it was a lot of quick meals.  Since it was so busy for both of us, I decided to just cook up a bunch of chicken, and do assembly-style meals this week.  I did make Spaghetti Squash with meatballs (made from Moose, similar to Bison), just mixed with a low sodium, low fat, jarred pasta sauce.  Here’s how it turned out!


To make the meatballs, I added (to the ground meat): chopped onion, garlic powder, pepper, 3 egg whites (from carton), 1/3 cup instant oatmeal (raw), bit of dried basil, oregano & seasoning salt.  Simple, but easy!  I didn’t measure the spices.

Now we’re in full on summer mode, so hopefully the weather will pick up and we can have our BBQ going full force!

Next week I’ll have some pictures of our long-weekend festivities!

p.s.  I still haven’t picked the winners of the Kerplunk contest, need to get on that.

p.p.s.  I really hope you’re all enjoying the new format of the site!  Hopefully you’re finding it more user friendly!  I’d love your feedback, so leave a comment!!!

Enjoy the holiday weekend with your families & friends!!!!!