Long Weekend & Jam Making

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On Canada Day (Friday) we went to our friends annual pool party! Since the weather wasn’t the nicest, the pool was a little cold, so our munchkin just dipped her feet in!


Then, we were off to another place the next day, and squeezed in some time at the park!

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Then it was Sunday, and yet another get together! I finally got in one of the photos! I’m usually the one taking the pictures.

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My brother snapped this photo….isn’t it hilarious?! Can you tell she doesn’t have chips very often? Savoring every bite!

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Then, I took advantage of the fresh local strawberries and decided I was going to make some jam!  I would have preferred to do the cooked jam, as then you can store it on a shelf at room temperature.  But I don’t have a canner to do it all, so instead I opted for a freezer jam.

Check out all the strawberries I got.  2 flats full, and they were RIPE.  Had to use them asap!

strawberries.JPGOf course I had a little helper 😉

Thumbnail image for helper.JPGHalfway done!

almost done.JPGAll finished!

strawberry freezer jam.JPG
I followed the directions in the No Sugar Needed pectin by Bernardin  but for the extra sweetener (aside from the apple juice that’s required) I used stevia.  For this jam, I wanted to use a strong stevia extract with absolutely no filler.  So for each batch, I used 1/2 a tsp of the NuNatural Pure Stevia Extract.  This stuff is STRONG, so you only need 1/4 to 1/2 a tsp to sweeten an entire batch!!!!

I’m loving the canning, so I think I’d also like to try raspberry jam, and dill pickles!!

QUESTION!  Have you ever canned anything before?  If so, what!

I’ve got a very busy week ahead of me, so you may not see me around much.  I’ve got a work conference, so I’ll be away from Tues-Thurs.