My Favorite Upper Body Workout

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Its the weekend!  Woo!  I went to bed way too late last night…2am.  Not smart when getting up with a toddler before 7am!  I was on a good roll working on content for the show, so I was jazzed!

Now I’m up, working some more!  Its a beautiful sunny day again so we’ll definitely be going to the park again.  Sienna is just hanging out, playing and watched cartoons.  Here we are at the park yesterday…

No workout today.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve scaled down my workouts for medical/hormonal reasons and I’m only supposed to be working out 3 days a week, less intense (although I cheat and do 4 days sometimes 😉  I feel so great when I exercise, so it can be tough to scale back.

Oh and the Brownies I did yesterday were a flop.  Too dry.  They are still sitting in the fridge, I hate to throw food out!  I did a poll on my Facebook page (whether people like fudgy or cake-like brownies) and fudge was the winner…although at one point it was close! So back to the drawing board!

But, I do want to share yet another workout with you guys!!  This is my current favorite UPPER BODY WORKOUT.  It hits the entire upper body so its a great workout if you are short on time and only have a couple days a week to do weights.  Its easy to split up upper body and lower body workouts.  This is a workout inspired from my contest prep trainer  she rocks!

Here’s me doing an assisted pull up…

This workout will take under an hour–just move through the exercises quickly–no long breaks.

UPPER BODY WORKOUT (shoulders/chest/back)

3-4 sets of each – 8-10 reps -heavy!

Shoulder Press—superset with 10 Pushups — then Seated Row
Side Lateral Raises—super set with incline Chest Press w/dumbells — then Lat Pulldown (wide grip)
Front Plate Raises—superset with Straight Arm Pulldowns – then 10 Pushups
Reverse Pec Flies— superset with Assisted Pull Ups (narrow) — then Regular Flies
1 set of side lateral drop sets – 50 reps (5 weights, 10 reps each – ie. 15, 12, 10, 8, 5 lbs)

What is your favorite upper body exercise???  I’m loving the Front Plate Raises right now.

xo Kristine