Pizza + Party

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Their aren’t many things that are better than pizza & parties, are there?!
Weekend is done, went way to fast!  I was just starting to get relaxed! Geez!  Wish the weekends went slower than the rest of the week.
Saturday turned out to be a pretty good day.  As I mentioned in my last post, we had a birthday party to attend.  Oh how parties have changed.  Now they are kid parties.  This one was for my girlfriends son.  He was turning 2.  Him and Sienna are 2 months apart.  It was great.  Thomas the Train everywhere and even a themed cake! Here is Sienna cruising around….

I parked myself near the food table of course 😉  Snacked on veggies & fruit (okay I had a couple chips too!).  A plate of costco cookies…

 and bowl FILLED with homemade biscotti sat there to torture me…

Alas, I survived the temptation and only had 1 biscotti and half of 1 cookie.  How do those cookies come out tasting so chewy and good?  I can only imagine all the butter & sugar.  There is a reason they don’t put the nutrition on the label!!  Brent didn’t come out as well and he had 3 cookies and 2 sausage hot dogs! lol!  Good thing he’s training for a triathlon and is swimming/biking/running virtually everyday!
The rest of the weekend was spent doing errands and hanging out at home. 
Last night I whipped up a favorite of mine…TORTILLA PIZZA!  If you’ve never done a pizza on a tortilla, you are missing out!  Cook at 375 directly on the oven rack for a crispy, cracker crust.  Here was mine….
Chicken, sundried tomato, green onion, pineapple, mushroom, low fat goat cheese, tomato sauce w/herbs—all on a whole wheat tortilla = Pure pizza satisfaction!!!
Still tweeting today’s meals.  Had a great cardio workout this AM–stepper intervals again.  Can’t beat it!
Tonight I’m making the pork tenderloin recipe I posted, so I’ll have a picture for it!
Q. What do you like on your pizza??
xo Kristine