Spartacus Workout!

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Hey all,
Happy Hump Day!

So I was at bootcamp at 5:45am this morning.  Did another circuit type workout!  It was great, really got the heart rate up.  It got me thinking about another type of workout I haven’t done in a while…

If you’ve never tried a ‘challenge’ workout and haven’t heard about the Spartacus workout and your ready for the challenge, here it is!!!  I’ve done it a few times already, but never timed myself as it was done in bootcamp.  Next time I will definitely time myself and see if I can get through it ok.  Its great if your just starting out on a program (to see how you improve with strength/endurance over time) and if you’re already an avid exerciser, its a great workout!!

If you haven’t seen the movie 300, rent it.  Ladies, there are a lot of hot bodies to oogle at!  HELLO Gerard Butler…..

So this is what the workout is based on:

Perform the following 10 exercises in succession for 60 seconds (as many reps as possible), with good form.  Give yourself 10-15 seconds to switch stations.  Once the circuit is done, 2 minute rest.  Then repeat 2 times.  Great endurance/strength test!

Station 1- Goblet Squats
Station 2- Mountain Climbers
Station 3- Single Arm Dumbbell Swing
Station 4- T-Pushups
Station 5- Split Jumps
Station 6-Dumbbell Rows
Station 7- Dumbell Side Lunges
Station 8- Pushup Rows
Station 9- Dumbell Lunges [with rotation]Station 10-Dumbell Push Press

You can watch this ..ahem (hot) gentleman demonstrate each exercise HERE!!! hehe

Think you might be up for the challenge??? If some of you are ready and willing, I’ll do it let you know how I make out! (GULP!) haha

xo Kristine