Almond Butter

No-Bake Hemp and Chia Protein Bars

Thumbnail image for No-Bake Hemp and Chia Protein Bars April 29, 2015

As you can tell, I’m in the midst of a hemp seed and chia seed obsession right now. Don’t you hate when you have a special ingredient for a recipe, use it once, then have no idea what to do with the rest? Me too! That’s why I’m creating some more recipes for you with […]


Favorite Find: Barney Butter

Thumbnail image for Favorite Find: Barney Butter March 21, 2012

Woah nelly!  What a busy day its been.  Lots of work to catch up on since being back, and Sienna has had a bit of a tummy bug since we’ve been back.  So its been constant trips to the bathroom the last two days (TMI, I know! 😉 ) Today’s “Favorite Find” was yet another […]


End of the Almond Butter Jar Oats

Thumbnail image for End of the Almond Butter Jar Oats November 7, 2011

Don’t you hate when you get to the end of your Almond Butter (or Peanut Butter) jar and all that’s left is that hard paste that’s impossible to spread?  Even melting it down doesn’t make it soft and spreadable.  What do you do?  That’s easy!  Make Overnight Oats!  In this batch, I had about 2 […]


Favorite Find Wednesday: Nut Butter Bliss

November 10, 2010

Happy Wednesday!  Hope your having a great week so far!  Its going by fast for me!  Tomorrow is a day off for Rememberence Day.  If you’ve been reading the blog for a bit, you probably have realized, I’m a BIG fan of nuts and nut better (hence the PB2 last week).  Almond butter is probably […]