Easter Fun, New Protein Pancake, Date Night!

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HAPPY FRIDAY!!!  Hope you’ve had a great week!  A quicker post today.  Have a lot on the to-do list!  Here’s a recap of what happened in my world this week and what’s coming up! Oh and can’t forget some awesome healthy eats!

Here’s Sienna having fun with Easter festivities last Sunday….

After finding some eggs around the house….

easter 1.JPG

Getting into said eggs…

chocolate eggs.JPG

Fun at the community Easter Egg Hunt!!!

egg  hunt.JPG

Found some!!!

egg hunt 2.JPG



That is all!  It was a very fun day!  Seeing her so excited was the best part of all.

Since I had to cancel Easter dinner due to hubby being sick, I made Ham & Pea Soup with some of the ham (and froze the rest)

ham pea soup.JPG

I also tried a new Protein Pancake recipe this week!

tone it up pancakes.JPG

This is a recipe from the Tone It Up girls!  It turned out pretty good!  Only warning is that it is fragile.  There are no oats in the batter, so you have to be careful.  You also have to make sure its on low heat or else it will burn!!  I still like the Basic Protein Pancakes better, but these were really nice for a change!

Abs are KILLING me!

I did some decline sit-ups on Tuesday and it hurts to laugh today!  3 sets of 20.  Best ab workout ever.  Forget the crunches, do these!  They work your entire core!!!!!!!!  These and handing leg raises are the best (forget the rest!)

Visit & Date Night!

My mother-in-law is flying into town today!  Very excited as we don’t get to see hubby’s parents that often.  Sienna LOVES the time with grandma too.  Since its our 5 year anniversary today (awwww), we will get an evening out tomorrow with a night at a hotel and all!!!  So excited!  First things first, we’ll be watching the UFC fights, then head to dinner.  I made a reso for a restaurant called Salt Tasting Room!  Really looking forward to it!  I also want to go to this bakery in town while we’re there called Edible Flours.  Healthy treats!  I’m all in!!!!!!!


Oh and we booked a last minute trip to MEXICO!!!  We’ve been thinking about going for a while.  My passport finally came in, so we booked!  Puerto Vallarta here we come!  We leave in 8 days!  All 3 of us are going.  I’ll give an update next Friday with all the healthy essentials I’ll be bringing with us!

Yummiest Thing EVER!

I’m really wanting to make these Low Carb Chocolate Chip Cookies again.  SO SO good.

low carb choco chip cookies [1024x768].JPG

Sign up to my Recipe Club E-Newsletter to get the recipe.  Its in the welcome email! Mmmmmmmm, you will LOVE THEM!!!

Till Monday!  Enjoy your weekend!