Favorite Find: Great Cereal (Allergy Friendly!)

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Happy Wednesday!  Half way through the week yet again!  I’m getting into the groove of getting back in routine, and posting some more recipes, so I hope your enjoying them!  The focus this fall is definitely easy crock pot recipes.  Most busy people (& families) love this “throw & go” option!  I know I sure do!

For today’s “Favorite Find”, I thought it was important to share, as I know that many parents out there may have kids with food allergies.  Or perhaps you may not have an allergy (like myself) but tend to feel better eating things that don’t have a bunch of “stuff” and strange ingredients and trans fat (yes, they’ve been in cereal!).

I’ve been giving my toddler plain Cheerio’s since she was just over 1 year old.  Thankfully she doesn’t have any allergies.  But when I saw this product, I thought it was great for all those other kids that have various allergies to gluten, eggs, milk, etc.  So I picked some up and did a taste test!  I’ve now found a cereal that makes me feel good, and so it will be in my regular rotation!

Here’s the product: Orgran Multi Grain O’s with Quinoa!

With it having quinoa, it certainly caught my eye!  That and the list of all the things it doesn’t have!

Can it get more allergy friendly than this?!

Like I said, even if you don’t have allergies, its a great & health conscious alternative.  As you know I like to stick to minimally processed stuff, this is a great choice for a cereal!

Here’s the ingredient/nutritional breakdown:

If you can’t see the tiny text…

Ingredients: brown rice, yellow pea, quinoa, brown rice syrup, dextrose (from corn), psyllium, pear juice concentrate, calcium carbonate, emulsifier, monoglycerides from vegetable, natural vanilla, salt, turmeric.

Nutrition per serving (3/4 cup): Cals: 95  Fat: 0.7 g  Carbs: 19.5 g  Sugars: 2 g  Fiber: 2 g  Sodium: 50 mg  Protein: 2.3 g

Did I mention the label is in like 4 different languages? So I’m sure just about everyone in the world could read it! Ha!


I like it a lot! I would describe it as a healthy Cheerio, but with a touch of sweetness!

Check out  Orgran’s website for all the products they carry.  They also have a Facebook page.  I haven’t seen many of them in my local store where I got the cereal (Save On Foods), but I’d totally like to try more (pancake mix, pasta’s and crackers!)

Question: Have you tried any of their products before?

See ya soon!