Favorite Find: Best Rice Ever!

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Hey everyone!  Its Wednesday!!  Hope your having a great week so far!  For “Favorite Find Wednesday” this week, its for a product that I just found at Costco last weekend and LOVE it!!!!

So of course, you know that brown rice is healthy.  I have it quite often. I’ll be honest, I usually opt for the quick and convenient microwave version.  I really like the taste of the organic sweet short grain brown rice, but sometimes I just don’t have the time to make up a batch on the stove.  If I only have time to prep a couple of items, chicken breasts and veggies take priority.

Typically I opt for the Uncle Bens Bistro brown rice, which is basically a short grain brown rice.  You tear the corner and microwave it for 90 seconds.  It tastes pretty good, but to me, not as good as the homemade short grain ‘sticky’ type rice.

So as you can imagine, I was a wee bit giddy when I came across this at Costco.  Its called Go Go Rice…

go go rice.JPGIts a microwaveable organic rice, but let me tell you, its a completely different texture than regular short grain brown rice.  Its like brown sushi rice!!!!  SO DELICIOUS!!!!  Here’s a close up!

go go rice 2.JPG

It looks and tastes identical to the sweet brown rice I make, but in a convenient little bowl.  I bought it in a box that contained 6 bowls.

Nutritional Information:

go go rice 3.JPG

I stick to the half bowl per serving.

Here is some more information about Go Go Rice from their website:

“For anyone who wants to enjoy fresh, tasty and healthier rice dishes in a quick and convenient manner, gogo rice bowls are the right choices. They are fully cooked rice bowls that are organic, vegetarian, gluten free, no-preservatives, no cholesterol, shelf-stable, ready in 90 seconds and conveniently packaged.”

You can also take a peek on the website to see where you can buy it.

So glad I found it!  Will be my go-to brown rice from this day forward!!

Question: How often do you eat brown rice, or rice in general?  What type is your favorite?