Favorite Find: Spice Things Up!

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How is your week going so far?  I’m sore as heck from this new workout plan, but its been great!  I’m already feeling more firm!  Love that!  Can you believe its almost March?!  Where has the time gone!

For today’s “Favorite Find Wednesday” its something I use on a regular basis to spice things up….in the kitchen! 😉  I love to give dishes an asian or thai flaire and this product is perfect for that!

For me, these jarred spices are a LIFE SAVER!

chili ginger garlic [1024x768].JPG

This brand is by Derlea, but there are many other varieties out there depending on where you live, and some even come in a tube!  I’m actually not a fan of really spicy things, so a little of this goes a long way!

I have this chili, ginger, garlic mix, as well as ginger on its own and garlic on its own.  Half the time I couldn’t be bothered chopping up garlicor grating ginger so these come in handy.  Of course the real thing is better, but when your busy and want to get a meal on the table in 30 minutes or less, these are AWESOME!

The pureed ones are great because they work well in dressings and sauces and you don’t bite into a big piece of garlic.

The minced garlic version, is great in stir fry’s and this Healthy Sweet ‘n Sour Sauce (which I make all the time!)

Question: Do you use jarred spices?  If so, which ones?

See you on Friday with yet another re-cap of my week! 🙂