Favorite Find: Berry Happy!

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Mid-week already!  February is flying by so far!  I’m really looking forward to Valentine’s Day this year.  I’ve got something up my sleeve that I’ve planned, and Brent has no idea what it is!So to celebrate Valentines Day, today’s “Favorite Find Wednesday” is something that is red.

Now if you’ve been living on the planet earth, I’m sure you’ve heard that berries are good for you!  They contain antioxidants, and numerous studies are saying that these antioxidants can help prevent disease.


To me, berries taste GOOD, and they are healthy.  So for me, its a WIN WIN!!!

Typically when I use berries in the morning, I often use a frozen berry blend.  But of course, the blueberry, strawberry, raspberry combo can get a little boring.  So when I found this combo, it got me a wee bit excited!!!

antioxidant berry blend.JPG

Thank you Europe’s Best for making the berry blend less boring!!!! 🙂  It contains strawberries, black currants, sweet cherries, blackberries, blueberries and red sour cherries!

antioxidant berry blend [1024x768].JPG

I think I’m in LOVE with Red Sour Cherries!!!!

And the best part of all…….

antioxidant berry blend.JPG

NO SUGAR ADDED!!!!!!  Hooray!  If you need to kick up the sweetness a bit, add a pack of stevia and your good to go!

They go GREAT on the High Protein Waffles.  I just cook the berries in the microwave until soft and pour on top of the freshly toasted waffles. I have some coconut butter on there too.  (psst.  If your not on board with Coconut yet, you should be!  Check out this post on it.)   Its so good, I think I’m cheating!!!


Its also equally delicious on Basic Protein Pancakes….(with a bit of low sugar syrup)

basic protein pancakes.JPG

It would also be delicious on my Healthy French Toast (swap the sliced strawberries for the berry blend).

Healthy French Toast.jpgIf your not feeling that adverturous, you could always put it on regular oatmeal!!!!

Question: Do you eat berries regularly??

See you on Friday BBH People!